Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Maidens Chapter 28

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28. A Morning Full of Surprises.

The sky had just lit up.  Yu slowly opened his eyes.  He was lying in bed at this moment and vaguely remembered that he was chased by Sylph until very late last night.  He remembered when he was outside hiding from Sylph, he remember his head seemed was struck by force from behind.  Then, he did not remember what happened afterward.

“FUCK! Did I really get my balls chop! “

Yu quickly grabbed his mushrooms by hand to confirm.

Fortunately, his mushrooms were still there and attached, and it had not been pulled away by Sylph.  Yu finally felt relief.

“This body is really fragile… What the hell happened to me last night?”

As he murmured to himself, he rubbed the back of his head where he could still feel the pain.

He knew very well in his heart that his body was very fragile without opening his seal. Like most humans, he would not be able to handle a few back-to-back impacts in the rear of his head. If it was in a crisis, Yu only needed to open a little gap of his seal, and he would be able to exert power beyond common sense in an instant.  Yu really had no idea what happened last night.

Just as he was trying hard to recall what happened to him last night, a strong sense of disobedience struck Yu, there were flowers and grass on the window, the clean and white curtains, the fluffy dolls in a chair on the side, and the faint fragrance pouring into the nose.

“This is not my own room! Although the layout of the room was the same, this was definitely not Yu’s own room.  Realizing this, Yu wanted to sit up; then, he found a slender jade-like on his body.

「。。。。。。。。 」

He quickly turned over to confirm whose hand that was, but in the moment of turning over the moment, time stopped. Looking at the beauty sleeping next to him, suddenly Yu fell into chaos. Looking at that long silver hair scattered on the pillow and the beautiful face in the sleep, Yu really wanted to know what happened last night because the owner of this jade-like hand is not someone else’s, but the lovely Elsa who Yu thought of day and night.

“Aw shit!  What’s going on? Why did I sleep in a bed with Elsa? I didn’t drink last night, did I? Did this relationship develop too quickly with Elsa? Why can’t I remember anything? “

Surprised and lost at this moment, Yu totally regretted why he couldn’t remember what happened last night.

No one should always live in the regret of the past.  Yu always taught himself this, so now decided to cherish the present beautiful moment.

He sat up gently, and then slowly lifted the quilt covered with Elsa. Beneath the thin black sleeping dress, there was Elsa’s white jade-like general powdery skin.

“No problem, for sure there won’t be a problem.”

He kept hinting at himself, and then slowly stroked Elsa’s cheek with her fingertips. The soft skin was like white jade.  The moment his fingertips touched the body, Yu felt like an electric current pass through fingertips, and this kind of electric feeling made his body numb and suddenly excited. 

“Just touching the cheek with your fingertips is such a haunting one, if it’s…”

Thinking of that, he moved his vision and looked at Elsa’s tender chest.

“Last time it was through her clothes.  If this time is directly… … “

Just as his left hand was about to flip open the black veil on Elsa’s chest, his right hand held down his left hand.

“No!” No! What I want is that kind of two-ways street type of love.  What I am about to do that will certainly be hated by Elsa “

In the instant, when his ethics were about to be swallowed, Yu woke up. Everything should be done based on the overall situation.  If what Yu was about to do would make Elsa hate him; then, it would be it.  He would have no chance of fighting back.

“But it feels like it would be a wasted opportunity if nothing will be done now.  Since the chest can’t touch, then at least I can kiss her… “

He thought about, and his heart rate here accelerated instantly.  Then, he straightened his back and took a deep breath.  He seemed to have plucked up the courage.  Slowly, he pressed his mouth toward Elsa’s powdered like lips.

The closer he moved forward, the more he could smell the faint fragrance on Elsa.  The clearer the scent, the faster the heartbeat Yu felt.

“It’s a little bit closer, it’s a little bit closer to a kiss… Yorman, come on! You can do it!! Just secretly kiss your future wife.  There’s nothing wrong with that! “

Yu’s lips slowly came close to Elsa.  At this moment, Yu could clearly feel Elsa’s even breathing.

“It’s going to work!”

Yu was so nervous and excited, and his heart felt like was about to jump out of his chest.

Looking at the sleeping Elsa in front of me, Yu could already imagine the scene when their lips were reunited.  A sweet taste in her mouth accompanied her delicate powder lip.  That would be so sweet.

But just then…

Elsa suddenly opened her eyes.



Suddenly, four eyes stared at each other, and the air suddenly solidified.


Elsa stared at Yu with big eyes, and then shyly scooped her body backward.

“Urrrh… I…. I… I am sorry!!!!”

Suddenly Yu did not know how to explain their behavior, so simply bowed down and apologized. At this moment honestly admit your own mistakes would be the right choice.

But Elsa was not a fool.  She knew exactly what Yu wanted to do, and what Elsa thought what Yu had done were a several times worse than what he actually did.

“Don’t.. Never mind… After all, it was because my hands were too heavy had caused this.”

Elsa blushed on her cheeks, bowing her head and muttering.

“Hey? Too heavy?”

He looked up in a moment and thought, “What’s too heavy? What did Elsa do to me last night?”

“Well… Yesterday in the middle of the night, I saw a figure outside of my door stealthily hiding away. I thought it was a thief, so I didn’t even think about it. Picked up the ice hammer and hit the man in the back of the head…”

Elsa’s voice was getting lower and lower as she spoke until Yu almost couldn’t hear her.  Elsa knew that hit that is too hard.  If that was another person, that person probably had now been sent to Principal Claire’s office.

“Urrrha… That was actually me…”

“I only found that was you after I hit you.  In fact, are you hiding from Sylph? Because then I watched Sylph hold a shear pair of scissors waked toward our way.” (TL/PR yeah she was trying to chop his pair off)

Elsa looked at Yu who did not look angry, so all of a sudden, the mood at the scene relieved a little.

“That’s right… And then what? How did Sylph stop? 」

Clearly, he spent half a day admitting that he was wrong, and it was useless.  How did Elsa make Sylph stop?

Sylph looked a little scary at the time, so I quickly moved you into my room and hid you here.

Yu listened and felt very guilty about what he had just done.  He hastened to organize his next thoughts to apologize to Elsa.

“Your heroine action to save me and it will be unforgettable.  You did not only save my life but also slept with me for a night.  However, I returned it with average gratitude, that I am really worthy of death.”

Elsa was a little guilty at first, but when she heard that, she became angry and her teeth started to become itchy. What did he mean by sleeping with? That was not something to be said to a girl.

But looking at Yu’s apology with his serious expression, Elsa did not know what to do but smile. 


Yu didn’t think he would make Elsa laugh with such a serious apology, and Yu didn’t know how to do for a little bit.

“Was that how you made Sylph angry?”

Elsa knew in her heart that Yu was just the flirt, and he wouldn’t really do anything bad. Even she slept next to him, he just innocently wanted to have a kiss.

“Forget it… But then again, why do we sleep in the same bed?”

It wasn’t until now, Yu and Elsa realized that they had never been up in bed.

“Oh that… I moved you to bed because I was afraid that you would get cold if you were sleeping on the floor.  But I have a high standard of where I should sleep, and I don’t want to sleep on the floor myself. Therefore…”

“So just sleep with me together?  How big of a heart Elsa has? “

Looking at Elsa’s slightly red cheeks, Yu didn’t know what to do for a second.

“That! It’s not what you think of… Actually, I’m afraid to get in touch with boys… But I don’t know why it’s only to you…”

Elsa’s voice was getting lower and lower.  It seemed that she was worried about what she said something wrong and caused confusion to Yu.

Yu did not think too much, he only heard from this sentence with one meaning, that is, “you are special to me!” 

“Is Elsa interested in me?  Am I a special for Elsa? It would be decided that this is the wife that I would marry in the world.  It’s done!  What am I going to do next?  Kiss? get Kissed?  Or sleep together? ” 

Yu thought about it and felt the inexplicable excitement.  His heartbeat accelerated with crazy speed again.

Yu looked at Elsa who was in front of him.  His eyes were full of tenderness.  At this time, his feeling was different from before.  This was not just to pursue the mood at this point.

Elsa seemed to be very important in Yu’s eyes.  Yu wanted to make her happy and wanted to let her know more about himself. Right now, even the air around it seemed to turn into pink in love.

As Yu slowly approached to Elsa, a voice suddenly came outside the door.

“Elsa! Let’s go to class! Otherwise, you’ll be late.”

Aegir knocked on Elsa’s door with her hand as she yelled.

“Why does she have to come at this time!”

As soon as Yu tried to go out and get rid of Aegir, he was stopped by Elsa.

“If you are seen, it won’t be good.  Hurry, get out through the window! See you in class!”

“Hey? Hey!? “

Not waiting for the response from Yu, he was pushed out of the window by Elsa.

“I understand that, but outside of this window is the pond…” 

Before Elsa could open the door, there came a sound outside of the window.

“Just the pond… He should be all right… “

Elsa felt a little guilty and touched her own cheek.

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