Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Maidens Chapter 27

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27. Service to Master.

What do women like to do the most? Not mentioning others, shopping is absolutely is the first place they would choose. No matter what kind of women, all the troubles would be left behind as soon as they would go shopping.  As soon as Sylph got her clothes, Aegir and Elsa seemed not able to stop their feet anymore in picking their own clothing.

Aegir was presenting a more stylish cotton dress in front of Elsa.

“How about this one?”

Perhaps it was what Yu just said now had made her felt a little uncomfortable, so she wanted to change her image.

“The color is too light for you.”

Elsa looked at the clothes in front of her, thought a little, and answered.

“What about this one?”

Aegir put the clothes back and picked out another from the pile of clothes next to her.

“This long style is too loose on the waist, so it’s going to make you look fat in it.”


Aegir looked at this dress and felt a little reluctant to leave it.  However, thinking that could make her look fat, she put this one back to pile too.

Seriously, sitting aside in a chair, Yu was completely shocked. Because whatever clothes Elsa and Aegir picked up were the same in the eyes of Yu.  But why did these women see them differently? What was the difference!  

“I really want to know!” (TL/PR i feel ya buddy maybe we both dont have any taste in clothing Yorman)

The more questions that Yu had, the more pain he felt in his head. But because they were in a public place at the moment, Yu could only shout and vent in his heart.

“Master, why are you upset?”

Leaning on Yu, Sylph looked at her master’s frowned face and was concerned, so she asked Yu.

“Nothing, I just don’t understand the difference in the clothes they look at.”

Yu sighed as he was looking at Aegir who couldn’t decide which one to pick out the two clothes. 

“I’m really sorry master, but Sylph doesn’t see the difference either. As the master’s sword, I cannot solve the problem for the current matter, I am really negligent.”

Sylph’s eyes turned dull in a flash and seemed to blame herself for not being able to deal with the trouble for the master.

“No big deal . . don’t take it seriously. I’m so thankful to you today to be able to come out with Elsa. Otherwise, I wouldn’t know what to do to ask her to go out with me”

Yu looked at Elsa, who stood on the side being analysis for Aegir and couldn’t help feeling sweet. Although this was not the same as how he imagined of his first date, it was a good starting for being able to get out and shop together.

“That’s it… So I’m helping the master?”

Sylph looked up with anticipation and looked at Yu who was sitting beside her.

“Well, it’s a big help to me.”

Hearing the answer, Sylph’s expressionless face suddenly showed a faint smile, but this smile was not obvious and disappeared in a flash.

Soon the afternoon was over. Although Aegir and Elsa tried on all kinds of clothes together, in the end, they got nothing.  The reason they gave up was that they usually wore uniforms at school, so they didn’t have a chance to wear them.

At this time, he shook his head, even if he was the first apostle, he was not able to guess woman’s thoughts.

Yu had a satisfying sight in the afternoon.  Whether it was to look at underwear looming small skirts,  the small tight coast that highlighted the S shape of the body, or every dress that Elsa wore all made Yu feel like the waves of spring, and he watched them with joy.

By contrast, Aegir’s clothes were unreadable to Yu. In the eyes of a man, all the clothes that Aegir wore were no different but color.  Maybe, that was the difference between being afraid of cold and not afraid of cold.

After watching Elsa’s clothes changing session all afternoon, Yu was also satisfied and returned to his dormitory.

“Humans are really genius, clearly dressed, but more attractive than being naked. 」

Lying on the bed in his dormitory, looking at the ceiling slowly recalling Elsa in all kinds of clothes. Yu thought that Elsa had been so far the most attractive girl who not only was beautiful and lovely outside but also had a gentle and considerate character.  When it was a crisis, Elsa could also pick up a weapon to protect those around her, although she was not very powerful.  She has the power and strength that he requires from a person that would be a candidate to be his wife.


Sighed as Yu thought although he went shopping with Elsa, he did not shorten the distance between him and Elsa. It would be nice if they were alone.  With Aegir and Sylph following around, it felt that something was missing.   He had not even been holding Elsa’s hand and thought, how he could move to the next step?

“Why does the master sigh?”

Suddenly the voice of Sylph sounded in Yu’s ear.

“Gosh! You suddenly appear and nearly scare me to death! 」

Frightened by The Sudden Voice of Sylph, Yu immediately sat up in his bed.

In fact, Elsa did not let Sherf stay with Yu at first, but Sylph said she would usually keep herself in the sword form, so Elsa agreed reluctantly. After all, no human would do anything to a sword.

“I’m really sorry because I saw Master has been troubled by something, so I just appeared without asking for permission.”

Sylph seemed to be very self-critical to frighten her master.

“It’s okay, it’s okay, just tell me before you become a humanoid next time.”

He patted on Sylph’s head and let her know that he was not angry.

“If there was no problem. What is troubling master?”

Sylph asked with great concern.


He looked at Sylph who was sitting at the edge of the bed.  She had a porcelain doll’s delicate cheeks, plus the white skin that could be broken with a blow.  Although this Sylph was a sword spirit, from her appearance, she was also a little beauty too. Although there was permeable sword spirit between the two eyebrows, that was nothing to Yu.

“I said ~~ Sylph, I’m your master, right?. .”

As Yu thought of this, he began to look at Sylph with his wretched gaze.

“Yes, you are my master.”

Sylph answered earnestly.

“If master has any annoyance, and you’re going to help solve it, right?”

The smile on his face grew more wretched, and although the guy was an apostle who had lived for hundreds of thousands of years, he had never get in touch with other women at all except for his sister from the moment he was born.  Although there were a few women in the apostle’s group. In general, apostles have little interaction with each other. Even if they came across, they won’t think about it.

“Of course, if Master, you have any troubles, please let me know. As long as Sylph can do it, I must get it done.”

“That’s very good.  Let’s see if you can take off your clothes first, and then come to my bed to develop some feelings with me?”

The wretched gaze began to swim around on Sylph.

“Sure, for a sword, clothes are a hindrance. However, before doing that, I want to confirm the meaning of the master, you need me to help you solve the physical problems of a man?”

Sylph asked in a cold voice, but that was what Sylph did before.  Do not need to mind about it too much.

“That’s right! That’s right! It’s a physical problem! 」

Even if he is an apostle, he is still a man of age. His body will not age, this desire would still exist even after hundreds of thousands of years.

“Is that kind of thinking very impulsive, do not think about anything, you just want to release their energy of physiological problems?”

Sylph appeared to be making final confirmations.

“That’s right! Right! Right!!!!! There’s nothing wrong with that! Help me out.”

He began to get excited.

“In this case, then I will seriously help the master to solve the problem at its root.”

Speaking of Sylph, she climbed into the bed, gently opened Yu’s thighs, and then squeezed his petite body into Yu’s **. 

“Yes! That’s no problem! No one said a stipulated Sword cannot be married as a wife,  after which I will treat her well, so this must not be a problem! “

He looked at the petite Sylph and got excited to the extreme.  However, at this moment, suddenly he saw Sylph’s handed out of a pair of green scissors.

“Wait! Sylph! What are you doing!?”

Yu saw the pair of scissors with a cold light and suddenly got scared while shrinking his legs back.

“Of course, I am helping the master solve the problem. Since sex is a disaster, just cut the problem. As long as it is cut, master will never have this aspect of annoyance anymore.”

Speaking of Sylph, she lit up the scissors and cut it to Yu’s crotch, but it was good that Yu reacted quickly, and rolled off the bed.

“Wait!” I didn’t mean that!”

“Master, do not be shy.  I have repeatedly confirmed the master’s wishes. Once and for all, please take it out generously, and let me help you solve it.”

Sylph smiled, and a faint chill came out of the corners of her mouth.

“It’s not something you’re going solve like this!” 

He quickly turned around and ran outside the door.

“Half price for the second one!”

“It won’t grow when you to cut it off, ahhhhh!” 

Although he was the strongest apostle standing at the top of the world, he had absolutely reminded himself to “absolutely do not provoke beautiful young woman. “

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