Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Maidens Chapter 26

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26. Girl’s Little Skirt.

“The guy really doesn’t want to live anymore.  He even dared to offend Kyle.  Even if he won because he had that sword.  Kyle has a Duke as his father.” 

“I think this guy Yu is a conman.  He must have thought of this. How do you think about his non-elemental magic? He probably got that sword because he cheated, as to how he usually does.”

“Yes! It seems that this is the case.  Maybe the time that Kyle was scammed by Yu.  It’s such a pity for Kyle.  He lost the sword and his dignity.”

“Hush… Miss Claire said when Kyle lost his sword, it should only be known to the people of our class.  If this bet made public, I’m afraid that we might all get punished.

“Stop talking about it, and don’t talk about it anymore. Let’s continue to copy the textbook from the penalty from yesterday…”

The students who returned to the dormitory all expressed their opinions on what just happened.  Everyone agreed that Yu got the Excalibur because he relied on his non-elemental gifted magic.  In the end, the reason why Yu could bring down Kyle was not because of Yu’s strength, but because Sylph was a divine elemental sword.  Since it was a powerful divine elemental sword, it must have an extraordinary lethality.  Under the repeated warning from professor Claire, the betting event was sealed.  Kyle’s sword snatched by Yu was only known to the 12 people present at the scene.

At the same time, in a downtown clothing store, Yu and Aegir were standing at the door of the fitting room waiting for Elsa and Sylph who were trying on clothes.

“Ahhh chuuu!!! 」

Standing at the door of the dressing room, Yu could not help but sneeze.

“You pervert got yourself a cold and you don’t let Sylph get dressed.”

Aegir glanced at Yu and said, annoyingly.

“I did not catch a cold.  I just don’t know why the nose suddenly itched. 」

He said and rubbed his nose, and he was feeling that someone had been saying things about him behind his back.

“Are you getting nervous because you are coming out with Elsa?”

Aegir looked at Yu and teased.

“I am not nervous.  Elsa took Sylph here to pick up clothes, and why are you coming along? 

If this girl hadn’t come, it would have been a date for Yu with Elsa alone. Although Sylph was here too, Yu could have Sylph transform back to a sword.  Now, it was not necessary. 

“I also want to take Sylph to pick clothes.  Do you have any issues?”

Aegir replied with a very unhappy tone, so why Elsa could come, but she could not come along.

“I don’t have a problem with you, because your taste in clothes is a bit…”

He looked at the tight brown cotton coat on Aegir. The bumpy bodybuilding figure was completely blocked by this tight brown coat.  True, if it was not because Aegir’s face was quite pretty, she would be mistaken for a guy who had just returned from hunting out there.

“There is nothing I can do! It’s winter now!”

Aegir heard what Yu said, and angry fire sparkled out from her eyes immediately.

” Elsa does not dress like you.”

“She practices ice magic! her body can resist the cold, so even now, she can also wear a cute  little skirt!”

“Professor Kerr does not wear as many clothes either!” 

“Professor Kerr is the top fire magician! She can maintain a constant temperature. Okay?”

“There are so many excuses…”

“Hateful!! Is this your attitude towards a young girl! !”

Aegir said, and she grabbed Yu’s neck from behind and then tried to put Yu to the ground.

“Let go of me! What you are doing just makes you not deserve to be called a girl!!”

Yu resisted to Aegir’s armlock to his neck.  Since Yu sealed his power, so now he became the same as ordinary people.  Without any power, Yu seemed a little weaker against Aegir as an ordinary man.

“You pervert have some strength…”

“I will not lose.”

Aegir desperately strangled Yu and refused to let go, and these two seemed to be fighting in a strange place.

“You two have been waiting for a long time!”

Suddenly Elsa’s voice came from the door of the fitting room.  When Aegir heard the fitting room door open, she was panicked to let go of Yu immediately.

“Cough, cough…. You’re really violent girl.”

Said Yu who was rubbing his red neck.

“Who asks you to say stuff like that…”

Aegir glanced to one side, looking a little angry. But Elsa, who did not understand the situation, looks at the two with a lovely blank face.

“Has she tried out the dress? Where is Sylph?”

After adjusting back to the state, Yu curiously looked for Sylph behind Elsa.

“Come on, don’t be embarrassed to show you your new clothes.”

Elsa beckoned to the fitting room, She poked her head out shyly; then, she walked out with small steps. 

“What do you think? Isn’t she cute?”

Elsa chose a mainly pink lace top on a pink lace shirt and a black and white pleated skirt for Sherf.  Such a color match was so lovely.  Elsa also put on white stockings for Sherf and a cute dark pink bow on her chest.   

Sylph’s appearance immediately attracted the attention of everyone in the store.

“Wow!! There’s such a lovely girl.”

“Yes, yes, she is so cute!”

A moment of praise kept coming, which made the already shy Sylph blush even more.

“Master… What do you think of Sylph’s clothing?”

At this time, Sylph’s voice had completely lost the cold arrogance that she had before. On the contrary, she appeared very shy.

“Lovely!! It’s so cute!!”

He told the truth without reluctance.

“Well.. This set of clothing is a bit shameful to Sylph, but since the Master likes it, so be it…”

She muttered in a whisper.

“Hey? “

“Clearly ** she doesn’t care about it, why put clothes on which is making her feel more shameful? Is this the difference thinking between weapons and mankind?”

“It is cute, but Sylph, will you be cold if you dress cold like this?”

Aegir said, touching the cloth on Sylphs body, which in Agirre’s eyes was no different from a layer of yarn.

“Such weather is nothing to me as a sword.”

Aegir’s face immediately went black as soon as Sylph finished speaking, feeling that she was the only one who was afraid of cold.

“Have the guests decided yet?”

At this time, the shop clerk came and inquired graciously.  Because Yu was still wearing the uniform of the Royal Academy, the clerk could tell at a glance that these people were major customers.

“ It just looks like it…”

“Well, it’s up to her. How much is it?”

As he spoke, he reached to his waist, ready to take out a money bag to pay.

“A total of 3 gold coins, thank you.”

The clerk smiled and bowed to Yu.


After hearing this amount, he immediately stopped the action of pocketing out, and then twitched slightly in the corner of his mouth.

“Sir, there are 3 gold coins, thank you.”

The clerk repeated it again toward the semi-petrified Yu.

Yu was stunned for a while, then avoid the clerk, leaned to Elsa’s ear, and asked softly: “Why is a dress so expensive?” 

“Well? That’s the price of this shop. A cute little dress for girls is about this price.”

Elsa was slightly dumbfounded because these were basic cost of living for girls who liked to buy beautiful clothes.

But this was a sky-high bill.  He did not even make that much when he took on a few tasks with those mixed adventurers.  In addition, he still had not received the three thousand gold coins that the officer promised to him.  Thanks to the top ace class in the school, they had provided free meals and free tuition. Otherwise, he won’t last to today if he only relied on the savings from being an adventurer.

“That… Can you make it cheaper? 」

He turned around, looked at the clerk with a smile, and tried to negotiate down price. After all, he had no experience in bargaining.  How much money could Yu be retained really depended on his fate now.

“Sorry, the store has a clear price tag. No counteroffer is accepted.”

Fate is against him!

“Sigh! Okay, 3 gold it is!”

Yu couldn’t be cheap in front of Elsa, and Sylph looked so lovely.  Yu took out his bag of money and gave the clerk all his large and small copper coins or silver coins.

The clerk took all the coins and calculated them carefully, and after confirming the amount, he smiled and bowed to Yu; then, he walked to the counter and wrote a receipt to Yu.

After taking the receipt, folding it, carefully kept it in the pocket of the coat. This is the certificate that he once owned three gold coins.

The money had not disappeared, but it had become Yu’s happy desires.

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