Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Maidens Chapter 25

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25. Unprecedented humiliation 

“Damn it! I wouldn’t admit it. Now I command you to come back to me at once.”

Kyle yelled at Sylph with a command, but Sylph simply looked at the ground coldly and did not respond.

“Why are you doing this?  You were willing to bet with me and should honor the result as it is.  Now Sylph has said that I am her master. You should not still get in the way.”

Yu said as he walked up and touch Sylph’s head, her silky hair ran smoothly at his fingertips.   While Yu was touching her head, the corners of her mouth rose slightly, revealing a satisfied smile.

This was even more upsetting to Kyle.

“Honor the result of the bet?  Then I’ll bet with you again!  You will return Sylph back to me if I win!”

“No, I don’t want to have a bet with you.” 

Yu replied angrily.  Sylph just said that she did not like people using her as a bet.

But Kyle just ignored it.  He just raised all his magic power to the highest at this time.    Although he was best at the wind magic, that did not mean that he was not able to use other magic technics freely and effectively.

Kyle raised his hands, there was a red flame magic circle rose from one of his palms while a green circle representing the wind magic appeared on the other palm. 

“Combined casting!? We’re not on a starting line with Kyle at all!

“Damn it! What did this guy learn when he came to school? Is it just for a diploma?

The students at the scene all looked at Kyle with envy and admiration. Because it was a miracle for him to be able to learn to cast spells in combination at his age.   When two kinds of magic were released at the same time, two formations must be sketched in the mind at the same time.  To do that, the energy consumed would be twice as much as when one magic was released.   That could not be done if the magician did not have extremely strong willpower and mental strength.

The onlooker just did not know that, in fact, Kyle was very reluctant to release magic like this. He was doing entirely because of what Sylph just roasted him.

“Didn’t you say I didn’t have the right strength? Then I’ll prove it to you now.”

In a flash, a dragon-like flame poured out of Kyle’s magic array, and at the same time, the magic array on the other hand is playing out of a hurricane-like storm.  Just in a moment, the two met in the air, a vortex accompanied by firestorm was born. This flaming vortex became even more frightening under Kyle’s natural magic.

“Master, please utilize me.”

Sylph said, holding up Yu’s hand. All of the sudden, that cool and silky touch, coupled with her sentence, really excited Yu.  Before Yu could react to it, Sylph transferred herself into a long emerald green sword, and her hand that was holding Yu’s arm turned into a sword handle.

“Well, if that’s the case, let me try this sword.” 

A hurricane hit toward Yu with a raging fire. Without any panicking, Yu held up Sylph in his hand and lightly gave it a quick wave, He did not open his seal at all, and did not use any magic.  Only gave a simple and gentle wave. 

In an instant the wind roared, a more powerful wind stream faced the flaming vortex that was heading towards it and slashed the flame vortex from the middle when they met.  Instantly, stars lit up and splashed on the ground in the hall.  That powerful raging flaming vortex disappeared and could be nowhere to be found again. 

“Sylph, you do have skills!” 

Yu touched the head of Sylph who just transformed back into a human form again.   Now, her whole body was shrouded in magical light, and her white fair face looked particularly attractive with the surrounding sparks. 

“Thank you for the master’s praise.”

Sylph looked Yu and smile happily. She seemed to have not been so praised for a long time.

Although Yu had seen a lot of excellent weapons, he usually did not have any feeling about these things, because the weapons were not important to him when he stayed at home all the time.  However, that would be totally different when the sword could be transformed into water crispy like beauty.

“PERVERT!! Can’t you just let this girl put her clothes on then talk!?”

Aegir yelled at Yu, and at the same time, Elsa put on the coat Sylph that was hanging on the side when she turned into a sword earlier. 

“It’s not me who asked not to wear.  it’s the conduct for her to be a sword. 」

“Master was right.  Like a sword, I should not wear clothes to hide my own strength.”

Said Sylph once again, and she wanted to take off her clothes.

“You don’t want to be dragged by this pervert like following his rhythm!”

That made Aegir worried.

“Yu!  Sylph still is a young girl, it is a bit too much for you to do this to her.”

Elsa knew in her heart that this man loved beauty, so she wasn’t too surprised.  However, the bottom line was that Sylph was a girl.  It was not right to have a girl without clothes in the public.

“That’s right! I am a bit too much.  Sylph, you put your clothes on!”

When Yu heard what Elsa just said, immediately he changed his attitude.  Anyway, that was what his perverted side said to him, how could he not listen to her.  


Sylph seemed a little unhappy, but since it was the master’s command, it could only be done.

“You only listen to Elsa…”

 (TL/PR I mean duh that’s the first waifu, “cough” technically second… 

oh shit don’t read these 2 lines if you hate spoilers XP)

Aegir mumbled and looked at Yu angrily, but Yu did not hear her.

“The class in the afternoon is already done.  Why don’t we take Sylph to buy a few clothes? She can’t just always wear your clothes.”

Sylph’s lovely face and petite body gave Elsa girly thoughts. Just like every girl likes to dress her cute dolls in the best dresses.  That was probably all Elsa was thinking now.

“Shopping? I’m going too!”

Aegir got also excited where she heard that.  In this past whole month, she had been either taking classes or copying textbooks as penalties.  There was no chance for her to rest.  This would a rare opportunity for her to go out and have fun, how could she let go of this opportunity.

“Then let’s go back to the dormitory and pack up.”

Elsa and Aegir pulled Sylph’s little hands. Sylph felt like that she was dragged to the gallows while feeling so helpless.  

knowing that these were the friends of her master’s, it won’t be good to refuse.

“Ah… That… I remember your name is Kyle, right?  Sylph, I’ll be taking her! Thank you.”

Before leaving, Yu did not forget to thank Kyle who had fallen on the ground.  He was mentally and physically overdraft.  However, anyone who heard this would take this as a vicious taunt.


The feelings of hatred and anger were burning in Kyle’s heart like a fire, and the tears falling from the corners of his eyes also proved that the arrogant Kyle was humiliated.

“I Must kill this man.”

Kyle clenched his fists and made up his mind, he was carried into professor Claire’s infirmary by the crowd.

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