Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Maidens Chapter 23

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23. Teenage girls like the spring breeze

“Who am I and where am I? What am I doing?”

Kyle was lying on the ground with his hands and legs opened, and he was completely confused.

But the next sentence from Yu immediately made Kyle sober.

“Thank you for your sword.”

It’s Yu’s voice.  This mocking voice probably would never be forgotten by Kyle. It was the master of this voice who gave himself a great deal of shame.

“Wait! This sword can’t be given to you!”

Kyle stood up in a hurry and shouted.

“Why can’t you give it to me?” It’s clear that I won.”

As Yu looked at the sword that he had just got in his hand, he replied impatiently to Kyle.

“You must have played a trick again! To be fair, we have to start over again!”

Kyle looked at the pervert who was holding his heirloom sword and burst into anger. However, although he was very angry, a thought of if this would be found out by his father…

Thinking of that, Kyle could not help but shudder in his heart.

“No, I refuse, and now the sword is mine.”

He raised his sword, and his eyes swept from the tip of the sword to the grip, and he couldn’t help and stroke the sword ridge.  Although Yu had many treasurers in his Apostle temple, but he had never paid much attention to them.  However, Yu seemed to have great interest in this sword named “Sylph” that he was got in hand.

“Psycho! You’re just in luck! The guy slipped on his own.”

Aegir also looked excitedly to observe the sword, and Elsa, although she did not show much on her face, she was also very curious about the sword because she kept staring at the sword with her big eyes.

“Damn it! You Garbage, I asked you nicely and hand it over, now I will give a lesson.”

Kyle became very angry when he saw the scene.   He concentrated all his magic power in his hands.  In an instant moment, a gust of wind, like a sharp sword roared toward the place where they stood. That was the primary wind attribute magic “Wind Blade”, but this time the power of the wind blade had been strengthened by Kyle’s anger to the maximum.  Its power could have reached the peak level of intermediate magic.  It was not hard to imagine that a human body would be so vulnerable if it would be attacked by such powerful wind strong as a sharp sword. 

For a while, the onlookers dropped a pinched a sweat for Elsa and Aegir, who were standing next to Yu.

But at this time, Yu was still standing in place.  Unlike before, it was not because Yu’s movements were too fast to be captured by human eyes, and it’s true that Yu did not do anything before.

Just when the strong wind flow of “Wind Blade” was about to hit to Yu, the sword “Sylph” suddenly broke away from the palm of Yu.   At this time, this sword of the Wind goddess was half-hanging in the air and blocked the attack in front of Yu; then, a green oval barrier appeared in the front of the sword.  In front of this green barrier, the sword-like wind suddenly disappeared silently into the air.

“This… What’s going on?”

“This… What’s happening here?”

Everyone was so surprised to see the scene of the divine sword clocking the attack for Yu. All of them were completely stunned that couldn’t even close their mouths.  However, what happened after that even more shocking to everyone.

Suddenly a green light flashed from the divine sword hanging in the air, then a young girl with long silky emerald green hair appeared in front of Yu. The petite girl gave others a very comfortable feeling the moment when she appeared, as if it was a gentle breeze in the spring night felt on the cheeks, warm and comfortable.  It was just that the girl’s eyebrows faintly revealed a sharp look.  People immediately understood that this girl had more than her gentle side.

But no matter how shocking of the impression that the girl had revealed to others, it didn’t make up for the fact that she was naked.

Although the dazzling green light at the moment had covered the key body parts and most  people’s vision, but Yu happened to be at the nearest place to the girl.

“Ah!!!! Yu hurry close your eyes! !”

Aegir immediately covered Yu’s eyes.

“Dammit!  What the fuck are you doing!  I want to see it!! This is a rare opportunity!! You’re going to let go of me. . . .” (TL/PR man of culture Yorman the pervert)

Yu constantly struggled in the hands of Aegir.  That was a rare opportunity to see the beautiful young girl! 

Just a moment ago, although Yu did not see clearly, he still vaguely remembered the soft watery belly, as well as the soft curve of the hips.

“Put this dress on, quickly.”

Without saying a word, Elsa took off the coat on Yu and put it on the girl. The girl’s petite figure obviously did not match the size of this coat.  The arm sleeves outgrowing was dragging on the sides of the girl’s body, making it extra cute, and the length of the coat was just right, covering the shy part of the girl.  As for her bare toes, white thighs, they looked extraordinarily flashy against the black coat.

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