Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Maidens Chapter 22

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22. Sword of the Wind Queen.

“OMG!??  Isn’t that sword, the family sword of the Duke of Pollett?”

“The Emerald Sylph”? Is that sword the wind sylph? I didn’t expect to see it on such an occasion.”

“Is Kyle serious this time?” (TL/PR yeah asking to get robbed by Yorman dumbass)

All eyes were fixed on the long green sword because this sword was a treasure with a long history.  It was a family heritage of the Pollett family since ancient times.  It was said that Pollett’s ancestors received gifts from the Elemental King, and this sword was one of the treasures gifted by the Element King. 

“Pervert!  Don’t be arrogant. Kyle is not so easy to deal with.”

Aegir leaned closer to Yu and warned him with a whisper.

“Yu, that sword is no joke.” (TL/PR sorry Elsa it is a joke for him)

Elsa was very worried about the safety of Yu, because everyone knows the origin and power of the sword.

“Hmph! It’s getting to this stage, don’t tell me that you will back off now, will you?”

Kyle sneered at Yu because he had achieved what he wanted.  He let everyone know his strength and status: I, Kyle, am the absolute strongest person in this school.  It is not only because I am the eldest son of the duke’s family, it is also because I have the strength to get the family Sword of the Wind Goddess from generation to generation.”

“And it doesn’t matter whether Yu will surrender or will be maimed by me because everyone will see my powerful strength.”

“I won’t run away.   However, I quite like this sword.  Can you give me this sword if I won?”

His words scared the living crap off everyone presented. Why would anyone make such a request at such a time?

“Isn’t this guy Yu scared?”

“No, no, don’t rule out that he has admitted he would lose, so simply want to make big news out of it.”

“That’s right! This guy is a real thief, even if he would lose, he would still want attention.”

Kyle drifted up with pride when he heard the whispers from the onlookers.

“Well, I’ll play with you to the end.  If you won, this sword belongs to you. But I also want you to increase the stakes.  If you lose, leave this school.”

Kyle’s confidence had been written all over his face at this point.

“Okay, I will toy with you into the end.  After all, there are beautiful girls who I like in school.”

After speaking, he winked at Elsa. Elsa’s face blushed red.  She was so nervous and didn’t know where to look.

Yu did not notice that.  He just waved his neck side to side and began moving his muscles and joints, and at the same time, quietly slightly opened a little gap of his magic seal.

“Pffft… a stomachache.”

“This Yu guy is really giving it all up just for the attention.”

“Come on, he just wants to leave an impression on everyone.”

For a moment, everyone laughed, “Even if Yu has the non-elemental gifted magic that can command the summoned beasts. Kyle will be fighting Yu himself,  How could even Yu mess around at a time like this?”

“Yu, you have to think it over again.”

Elsa was shy and brushed in red, but she was still worried about Yu.

“It has been up to this point already.  What are you thinking about? They all talk shit about you, you just go fight and give it your best!”

Instead, Aegir got excited and felt like she would like to help Yu and fight back too.   Probably, she was not used to this contempt attitude.

“Hmph! You’ll regret it with your life.”

Kyle flipped the wrist with the sword, a strong wind pushed all onlooker to the outside of the fighting area.  At this moment, countless green air currents gathered under Kyle’s feet, which was the accelerated magic of “The Breath of the Wind”.

Kyle’s body shook in an instant, and he was like a gust of wind, driving the sword straight toward Yu. This sword driving technic was a not simple sting.  This was the Pollett family’s original magic sword technique called “Wind King Sword.”   

At the moment when the blade rushed out along its own trajectory, the enhanced version of “The Breath of the Wind” would bring the speed to the highest, and accompanied by the strength of the airflow raised around the sword-wielder and the rotation of the blade like a hurricane, could give an opponent a fatal attack.

Under this sword attack, what was held in Kyle’s hand was no longer a sword, but a small tornado-like vortex.  Under this high-speed rotating hurricane, it might only take one sword attack, no matter what kind of armor the enemy would wear, it would be torn to pieces by the wind.

In a blink of eyes, Kyle’s sword had already come in front of Yu’s face.   Elsa was so frightened that she covered her eyes with both hands, and Aegir gritted her teeth and clenched her fist.

However, at the moment when Kyle’s “King of the Wind” was about to reach Yu, things that no one could think of happened just like that.  This was a scene that would be absolutely impossible for the human retina to capture, even if there was any magic that could strengthen vision. The human brain ‘s reflex nerves won’t be able to keep up with this speed.

Yu dodged slightly sideways.  While avoiding the strong impact from the sword attack, Yu snatched the hilt of the sword with his left hand; then, Yu kicked Kyle out lightly.

Just in the eyes of ordinary people, this set of action turned into as Kyle rushed over; the sword named “Sylph” suddenly appeared in Yu’s hand; and then Kyle flew out a few meters away.

“What…What is happening…”

“I don’t know….”

Those people who just laughed at Yu were all dull-eyed.  With a skeptical attitude toward lives, they stood blankly and stayed in place. Even Aegir and Elsa who was there cheering for Yu were completely shocked.

However, these people were not as stunned as Kyle, the one who just fell to the ground and was unable to move.

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