Infinite Apostle and Twelve Battle Maidens Chapter 24

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24. Sylph

After Elsa puts the coat on the girl, Aegir released her hands from covering Yu’s eyes.  However, neither Elsa nor Aegir expected what would happen next.  At the moment when Aegir let go of her hands, the girl immediately took off the clothes that had just been covering her body.

In a flash, the light enveloped the girl, a picture full of artistic feelings reflected in the eyes of Yu.


The scene at this moment was too exciting, resulting in an instant excess of blood supplied to the brain, and the excess of blood was ejected from Yu’s nose all at once.  However, Yu just fell to the ground with a smile on his face.

“You can’t look at her!!!”

At the moment when the girl took off her clothes for the moment, Elsa hurried and covered her up again. Fortunately, the light of the magic at this time has not yet completely dissipated, so no one really saw anything clearly.

“Pervert!! Are you alive!!!”

Aegir hurried to the side of Yu and checked on his condition. Losing that amount of blood from the nose was really scary to Aegir.

“Live. I’m alive.. and I finally found the meaning of the reason why I should stay alive in this world.” (TL/PR  yup…. Man of culture only like 11 more to catch)

He laid on the ground, wiping off the nose blood from his face, and then he smiled with satisfaction.

“It seems nothing happened seriously…”

Looking at the Yu’s dirty smile, Aegir finally felt relief.

Anyway, what’s wrong with this little girl?

Everyone focused their attention on the green-haired girl who presented in front of them. It was just that the girl’s cold eyes didn’t lay on anyone.   She walked straightly up Yu, and then suddenly got down on one knee.

“My name is ‘Sylph’.  I am the Sword of the Wind in the hands of the Elemental King.  I am here to welcome the arrival of master.”

The girl’s silver bell-like voice immediately awakened Yu.

“Sylph?? Little girl, did you just transform from that sword just now?”

Aegir looked curiously at the little girl who was in an ill-fitting uniform and asked.  However, the girl, named Sylph, just bowed her head and ignored Aegir’s question.

Now, Yu was feeling groggy in his head because of excessive blood loss earlier.  For a while, he did not understand the current situation.  But since she called Yu the master just now, she should listen to her master.

“So… Sylph, right?”

He tried to talk to Sherf.

“Yes, the master, what is your order?”

Sylph responded immediately as if she was looking forward to the command.

“Can you take your clothes off and let me take another look?” (TL/PR ofc pfft hahahahaha)

“No problem, I also think it’s too rude to see the master in clothes.” (TL/PR oh god you actually agreed?!?!)

Speaking of Sylph, she opened her clothes and revealed her fragrant shoulders.

“Wait a minute! Can’t you be less perverted and be a little normal?? That’s a girl!”

Aegir covered Yu eyes again. Elsa also quickly reached out to stop Sylph to take off her clothes.

“I won’t look, I won’t look. Okay, let go of me.” 

Yu’s tone was full of disappointment.  If he could watch that again at such a close distance, he would be dead without regret.

“Can I do that, Master? follow this lady’s request and talk to you in clothes?”

Sylph looked at Yu who was just released by Aegir with a very embarrassed look.  It seemed that having clothes on was a very ignorant behavior for her.

“Well. Just have the clothes on, You stand up first.”

Because the brain congestion caused by the overload of visual impact had slowly been alleviated, now Yu could finally think rationally.

“Anyway, why do you call me the master?” 

Although Yu said that he would have the sword if you won the, there was a sword spirit in this case.  Generally speaking, such verbal bets between holders were useless.  In the end, it must follow the will of the sword spirit.

“Because former master just lost me in the competition bet, so the natural new owner is the winner that is you.”

Sylph looked at Yu into his eyes and answered very earnestly. Now the sword spirit itself had said so, it seemed that the bet had been admitted.

“That’s… I am feeling a little embarrassed, without your consent to win you over. “

He thought that it was just a very handsome sword, but he didn’t expect that there was a sword spirit girl.  A sword spirit could not be found anywhere, and it might not be able to find even one out of 10 million swords.   Not to mention, there was a pretty girl as a sword spirit.

“It doesn’t matter.  The former master had lost his qualification to own me at the moment when he used me as a bet.”

Sylph’s cold words did not leave Kyle any affection.

“Wait! I’ve never heard of a sword that can become a humanoid! and if you showed this strength a little earlier, I wouldn’t lose.”

It was Kyle, who had been peeping for a long time, finally could not bear roared.

“Pardon me.  Whether I transformed into a human form was not up to me. It depends on the ability of the holder.  In other words, you did not have the ability to let me show my true strength.” (TL/PR burned… someone rub some salt on that wound… all that high talk to get roasted by your own weapon)

Sylph looked at Kyle coldly, and this time Kyle’s face sank completely.

Because Sylph’s statements not only show that Kyle was inferior to Yu, but also proved that the Kyle’s family was not as good as Yu for generations.  Ever since Kyle was young, Kyle was only told that this sword was a peerless magic weapon.  No one ever said that it could transform into a little girl.  In other words, this was the first time that Sylph turned into a human form. 

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