Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Maidens Chapter 21

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21. Things That Cannot Be Tolerated.

After Kerr left the hall where they had the combat training, the students all looked at Yu and were puzzled.  How in the world could this guy defeat the summoned beasts without getting into a fight?   Exactly why did the Flaming Demon Wolf become so obedient?

“Awesome! What did you just do to make the Flaming Demon Wolf so obedient?”

Aegir rushed to the side of Yu and asked curiously.

“Professor Kerr asked me to demonstrate my non-elemental gifted magic. “

“Gifted Magic?”

Aegir looked at this humble squint Yu and confused. Based on Aegir’s understanding, non-elemental gifted magic was not something that could be used by anyone.  First, the user had to be a qualified magician.  Secondly, she or he had to have the appropriate training and awaken special magic ability.  That sounded simple, but it would take years for a person to reach that level.

However, there were only a few people who were born with such non-elemental gifted magic power.  Aegir’s magic technic was relatively scarce, so she did not know much about it either.

“What kind of non-elemental magic does Yu have?”  

Suddenly, a soft whisper floated into Yu’s ears.  Yu’s eyes became heart shapes immediately when he saw that was from Elsa.


Aegir saw him and cursed angrily.

“My non-elemental gifted magic is the Beast Trainer, and that magic can make any summoned beast to listen to my command.”

Anyway, he had been making up things, so he just simply made it up to the end.

“Hmm?? Does such magic really exist?”

Immediately, Elsa’s eyes were widened and asked, revealing a totally surprised look. In contrast, Aegir seemed to be calmer than Elsa, probably because Agirre did not know much about non-elemental gifted magic.

“No wonder that Flaming Tiger was so obedient last time.”

Aegir recalled the cute look of that Flaming Tiger and suddenly showed an obsessive expression.

At the same moment, Kyle was standing on the side, and he couldn’t listen to it anymore.

“Beast Trainer? If you have that type of non-elemental gifted magic, isn’t it true that you have been cheating in the actual combat classes so far? (TL/PR mad cuz bad)

Kyle frowned slightly, pretended to be confused, and asked Yu.  In fact, he had a smug smile in his heart, and he had been waiting for this opportunity. 

Obviously, what Kyle just said had suddenly touched what others had questioned so far.

What Kyle just said seemed to be logical and true.

“That’s right.  Why did you admit at the beginning that you have the talent to control the summoned beasts?  Otherwise, we won’t be beaten up so badly during the entrance test.”

All of the sudden, the discontent of the crowd was stirred up by Kyle.

“Do you know how hard we have been working just to stay in this ace class? For those who quit the ace class because they could not survive from the training, everyone had put into their full efforts.  Any you, from the beginning, you were here to stare at Elsa with your horny look, and have done nothing by mixing things with soy sauce.”

As soon as Kyle said that, he drove up the emotion of all the students immediately.

“It is!! From the beginning of the entrance test, you deliberately controlled the Flaming Wolf, and waited for the opportunity to indecent Elsa!”

“That’s right! From the first day of school, you have been carrying that squinting horny look. You don’t deserve to be in this ace class at all.”

“Beast Trainer?  Is that an enormously powerful non-elemental gifted magic.  Did you got admitted to the academy through the back door? Otherwise, how could a useless pervert like you stay in the school for such a long time?”

The noise of accusation flooded the hell instantly, and Kyle successfully mastered the mood of the crowd.

“You’ve all said enough!!  I think you’re just jealous of Yu who has such non-elemental gifted magic!”

Aegir who was standing right next to Yu could not bear to hear about such verbal abuses anymore.  She shouted to the crowd loudly, and for a moment, she suppressed the scolding on the aura.

“Everyone calm down, even if it was the non-elemental gifted magic, it had to be trained strictly before anyone could master it.”

According to Elsa’s character, she was not good at speaking in such public occasions.  Although she spoke very softly, everyone heard her because Aegir’s roaring had silenced people around. 

However, Elsa spoke for Yu in front of everyone, so Kyles’s heart burned with flames of jealousy immediately. (TL/PR Good one Elsa smack him a new one!)

“Why does Elsa not see how excellent I am, but to help a useless person like Yu?”

Kyle, as a young master who was born in the upper classes from an early age, absolutely won’t allow such a thing to happen to him.  Therefore, he kept having the idea to humiliate Yu.

“Very strict training? Does that mean he can defeat the enemy even if he doesn’t cheat?”

As soon as Kyle spoke, Elsa and Aegir glanced at Yu with worry.  After all, they had not seen Yu use his magic since the beginning.

“Of course.”

Yu responded to Kyle’s challenge with a smile.

“Well, let me, “Kyle. . . Pollett ” be your opponent.  As long as you win over me; I Kyle Pollett won’t say anything about you anymore.  However, if you lose, please withdraw yourself from the class automatically, and apologize to those who have been trying hard!” (TL/PR woah big boy here thinks he’s the shit)

Kyle stretched out his right hand, and small four-square magic formed in front of Kyle instantly.  The magicians knew that this was a spatial transfer of magical array that occurred only when the object of elementals appeared. Then, a breeze blew through lightly.  Quickly, a strong air current there is a strong current appeared above the magic array.  The current was getting stronger and stronger, Kyle slowly took out a long emerald green long sword from the magic circle.

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