Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Maidens Chapter 20

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20. Beast Trainer (ii)

At the moment when he talked about his gifted magic talent, a huge magic array appeared behind Kerr; then, a Flaming Demon Wolf covered with fire and walked out from the center of the array.

All the students who were still in practice were all stunned and looked at them.

“Prove to me that you didn’t lie to me.”

Kerr stared Yu with a profoundly serious look, and Yu calmly stood up and walked toward the Flaming Demon Wolf.

At first, the Demon Wolf posed for attack when it saw Yu was walking toward it, but after the Yu released a moment of powerful pressure, the Demon Wolf’s attitude changed.  Of course, this momentary of power pressure could only be detected by summoned beasts who could perceive the frequency faster than humans.  Therefore, in the eyes of the average human being, it was Yu who went up to the Flaming Demon Wolf, and then the wolf just gave up the attack.

“Left hand!”

The Flaming Demon Wolf stretched out his left paws.

“Right hand!”

The Flaming Demon Wolf stretched out his right paws.

“Sit down!”

The Flaming Demon Wolf sat down with his tongue spitting out.

At this moment, there was no more Flaming Demon Wolf, and there was only a husky.

Seeing what was happening in front of them, all on-looking students were shocked. 

“OMG!  What’s going on with that Yu?”

“At first I thought that he was just lucky, but now I don’t feel like that.”

“Why did that Flaming Demon Wolf listen to him like that?”

“Could he had anything to do with Professor Kerr? so the Flaming Damon Wolf also took him as the master, too?”

“Be careful, you may be burned to death!”

Elsa heard the whispers and frowned slightly on the side.

At the moment, Yu was gently stroking the hair of the Flaming Damon Wolf’s head.

He thought that he would certainly be able to fool Kerr and got over it this time.

“How’s it going? I didn’t lie to you.”

He smiled and looked at Kerr as he caressed the wolf.


However, Kerr did not show much expression, just quietly looked at Yu.  Originally, Yu thought that his action was seamless like the sky, now he began to feel a little bit hollow and worried.

“Did she see the flaws in my acting? No way, my acting was no different than the real one. “

For a while, the hall was a little bit too quiet and scary.  Yu’s palm became sweating, Kerr finally spoke.

“I just remembered that Principal Acemans was looking for me, so practice class is over now.   You are free for the rest of the day.”

Kerr finished and gently waved his hand, and the magic was withdrawn. The Fire-tongued Turtles and Flaming Demon Wolves on the field disappeared into the magic array in a flash.

Then Kerr left the hall quickly under the watchful eyes of the whole class.

Actually, Principal Acemans did not look for Kerr.  Although Kerr seemed as cold as usual, in fact, she was more emotional than ever.  Not only because she saw the non-elemental magic that only appeared in the legend, but also because of this magic called “The Beast Trainer.”   It was the one who Kerr had been searching for things for many years.

“Professor, I need advice from you.”

Kerr came to Asermans’ office and knocked on the black wooden door.

“Come on in.”

It came Aceman’s amiable voice from inside of the office.  As soon as Kerr walked into the principal’s office, Asermans looked with surprise because Kerr’s eyes were slightly red and swollen as if she had cried.

“What’s the matter? Who could make you cry?”

Aceman looked puzzled.  Kerr gently wiped off the tears at the corner of her eyes, in case the tears gushed out again because of the excitement.

“I found the magic.”

Aceman’s, who looked at the Kerr, also looked surprised.

“Are you talking about the Beast Trainer?”

Even Acemans, who had three hundred years of experience, was also surprised when he mentioned the magic.

“Yes, remember when I talked about the student who could beat the Flaming Wolf? I am certain that his non-elemental magic is ‘Beast Trainer’.”

According to Kerr’s experience and strength, she should be absolutely right, so Acemans unconditionally believe what was going on out there.

“What about the intensity? What level of the intensity could that control the summoned beast?”

Acemans asked eagerly.

“It’s not clear yet, but the Flaming Demon Wolf level of summoned Beast can be controlled at once.”

Kerr answered Acemans’ question truthfully.

Listening to what Kerr said, Acemans fumbled his goatee and was seemingly thinking of something.

“In that case, he may soon be able to help you…”

Acemans seemed to think of something, and the corners of his mouth rose slightly. (TL/PR Totally not suspicious this aceman old fart…)

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