Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Maidens Chapter 19

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19. Beast Trainer.

More than a month has passed since this day-to-day training with powerful summoned beasts. In this short period of time, the number of students in the ace class had dropped from the original 32 to 12 today. None of those students were kicked out by Kerr, instead all of them dropped out the class voluntarily. 

As was mentioned before, no one wanted to give up this great opportunity that could lead to a great future, however, there were only a few who could survive in this type of training environment.  Fortunately, the academy did not give up on those students who were withdrawal from the ace class.  Although they would not stay in the ace class, they would be transferred into other excellent classes.

Kerr did not back down at all.  Instead of reducing the difficulty of the course because there were too many people quitting, their hands-on training was getting worse day by day.  With the increase of difficulty, Kerr was also getting more and more confused.

Beginning with the Flaming Tiger who was summoned by Kerr, was a barbarian monster who could have such a strong impact to knock through a few walls.  Once it opened its hooves, it would run like a flame galloping across the ground, and it would never stop without knocking down its opponent.

However, the Flaming Tiger let Yu use it for pony rides for an afternoon.

Then, Kerr had an Ice Tarantula called out by another professor. An ice tarantula, with its ferocious carnivorous nature, could hide by placing ice crystals and would give an unexpected deadly attack where its prey could not suspect it. 

However, after the Ice Tarantula saw Yu, it immediately fell to the ground with its eight legs pointing to the sky and pretended to be dead.

Then in the next few days, the Giant burrow rat went straight into the ground and was missing.

Flaming Bear squatted in a corner and dared not move around.

Windstorm Python escaped at a speed that could break its records. 

Prairie Wolf even acted like his pet, ran out, and picked up the sticks that Yu threw away.

Today, the Flame-torched Turtle was the same as the other summon beasts, so Yu was just one of the onlookers.

How exactly did this guy do that?…

Kerr looked Yu who was sitting on the side and thought that it was necessary for her as an instructor to ask and clarify with him.

At the same time, Yu wiped off the saliva drooling from the corner of his mouth while he was staring at Elsa’s boobs going up and down.

“Elsa’s breasts are so huge.”  

Just then his view was blocked by a pair of seemingly flat things.

“They are the also boobs, but why are they so much different?…”

“Student Yu, you have completed the task for today, you are free to go and rest.”

Kerr had her slender hands in her waist, looking down on Yu with a pair of stern eyes.

“I don’t want to rest, and study makes me happy.  I want to stay here to learn from other students’ battle experience and skills.” 

He quickly wiped off the drool at the corner of his mouth, took a step to bypass Kerr, and continued to watch Elsa who was battling. For some reason, girls who were in combat could unknowingly exude a particularly seductive airfield, that sweat, that unyielding eyes, every one of those would make onlookers exciting.

“Learning skills? Who do you think you are lying to today?”


As soon as Yu heard what Kerr said to him, he was in shock and immediately took his sight back.

Suddenly, his neck was like a machine without oil.  Stiffly he raised his head in horror and stared at that pair of ice-cold eyes of Kerr’s.

“I… I.. I.. You… What are you talking about??”

Suddenly he was too scared to speak.  If his identity was revealed, it would be forever farewell to the lovely Elsa and Kerr.

“What kind of non-elemental magic are you hiding from us? Why do so many summoned beast listen to you??”

Although the tone of her voice was cold, Yu could see from Kerr’s eyes that her heart was full of curiosity and look forward to an answer.

“Gifted magic?” 

“I remember it as if it were a special term for magic that some humans were born with.  It sounds that she does not doubt about my identity.  I might be having a little too much fun with the summoned beasts… “

Feeling relieved, Yu quickly wiped the sweat dripping from his forehead.


Yu’s move had not escaped Kerr’s eyes, but it seemed not to be a significant detail to Kerr. At present, What Kerr cared about the most is Yu’s gifted magic talent.

“Gifted magic???? I did not mean to hide it. My non-elemental magic is called the Beast Trainer, and it makes most of the calling beasts follow my orders.”

Yu looked at Kerr and began to rubbish about nonsense.

What the shit was Beast Trainer? It was just one of the magic skills that Yu read about human magic skills before. Because Yu did not know at all what was included as gifted magic talent, he spoke rubbish about it to fool people.

However, as soon as Yu said that, instantly, Kerr’s cold eyes became sparkle.


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