Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Maidens Chapter 18

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18. Exhausted Flame Witch

Sitting cross-legged on the ground, his hands constantly stroking the tiger who was resting on his stomach. This reminds Yu about the pet that he had in the apostle’s palace.  He was wondering to know whether his silly sister had been taken good care of it.

“That one… Can I touch it, too?”

Just as he was thinking of his own pet, a soft voice drifted into his ears. This voice he would never make a mistake of, and it was Elsa’s voice.

“Of course, you can!” This cat doesn’t bite.”

As for speaking, Yu also demonstrated how to rub a Flaming Tiger’s chin.  At first, Elsa was also a little afraid what she asked for would make the Flaming Tiger unhappy, but when the Flaming Tiger adorably cried “MeeOW”, Elsa could no longer control herself, 

“Ah! How cute!!”

Elsa immediately reached out to the Flaming Tiger’s head and an obsessive expression all over her face. At this moment, Kyle was standing by and glared at Yu who was amusing the Flaming Tiger with two world-class beauties.

“Damn this guy…” (TL/PR mad cuz bad)

Kyle looked Yu and held his fist tightly.

An afternoon passed quickly.  Some students had completed the task of defeating a Flaming Tiger.  None of them rested or continued their training as instructed by Kerr, but all of them run to touch the tiger.  For a little while, the scene was a little out of control and was stopped.  The Flaming Tiger also showed an embarrassed expression after being touched and rubbed for the whole afternoon.

“Those who have completed the task should hurry back to rest if they don’t want to continue practicing. Don’t get in the way of anyone else here.”

Kerr finally walked to these students and shouted with a very harsh voice to the students who were busy snuggling with the Flaming Tiger.

Being afraid of the majesty of Kerr, the students were walked away and dismissed unwillingly.

“Well… I didn’t know a Flaming Tiger can be so cute, only if I could touch it for a bit longer.”

“The guy named Yu was so lucky that he had such a gentle Flaming Tiger. The one that I’m dealing with was really furious.”

The students who were driven away by Kerr still thought about the Flaming Tiger.  After all, such a big cat was really attractive.

Aegir who just heard what the other students said, stood in place and was stunned.

“Yeah! This type of summoned beast, as Flaming Tiger is always very arrogant and proud. When I fought with it, it was so vicious.  Why did become like a cat as soon as Yu came over? “

A puzzled Aegir looked back at Yu who was standing by her, and countless questions poured into her mind.

At the end of the practice class, the ace class of students dragged their exhausted bodies back to their dorms, and more than half of them had to go down to copy the twelve pages of the textbook for a hundred times as a punishment. A moment of despair enveloped the entire ace class’s dormitory, and that was only the first day of the classes.

Of course, it was not only students who felt tired on the first day of their class.  As a teacher, Kerr was also quite exhausted. She had to remember not only the names of the students in the class, but she also had to observe their actions and the way they operated while they were in action. In this way, she could cultivate independent and excellent students. 

So even though it’s still quiet at night, the lights in the room are still on.

“Aegir Izzy is good at melee and likes heavy weapons such as giant axes, and can only use primary auxiliary magic.”

As Kerr organized her student roster, she paused when she saw Aegir’s name.

“Izzy?? Is this the general’s last name? Why didn’t I noticed when a member of the general’s family was in my class? Is it just the same surname?”

Kerr was confused when she saw Aegir’s information.  If it was really the general’s family that could cause a little headache to her, and she hoped that was just a coincidence of having the same last name.

But she went on to turn the roster to the next page, that person’s information even caused more of a headache to her.

“Yu is good at close-range weapon attacks, and Yu is in excellent physical condition.  He could only use non-elemental magic.”

Looking at Yu information, Kerr became more puzzled.

Yu could only use very common non-elemental magic?  In now a day and age, if someone did not know any element of magic were not a magician at all.  If Yu could only release magic without attributes of the magic element, then he was no different from ordinary people.

However, the fire wolf won’t be knocked down by an ordinary person. Would he be what the principal said that this man could have been hiding power that we had never seen before?”

Just then Kerr noticed a note written at the bottom of Yu’s information sheet.

“This person was temporarily recruited for the hunting of Ice Dragon.  He passed the relevant physical fitness tests during the recruitment process.  The test results were as follows…”

As Kerr scanned through the list, she could not believe her eyes. Because the results of each test are almost full score, including the tests that the average person couldn’t pass.

“Does this guy have hidden natural magic? Or was he just a simple physically fit and strong?”

Thinking of the abnormal behavior of the Flaming Tiger in the practice lesson today, Kerr was once again diving into confusion.

“It’s a headache…”

Kerr closed the student information file heavily and rubbed her eyes.

After a hard-work day, even the Flame Witch felt tired.

Kerr stood up, took off her coat, and put it on the back of the chair, then stretched while she was walking to her warm bed.

Suddenly she stopped. Kerr stayed in place with hesitation.  Her eyes flashed with a light of hope.

She seemed to make up her mind, quickly turned around and released a magic array.

In an instant, a powerful and arrogant Flaming Tiger appeared beside her. The majestic Flaming Tiger sat on the ground with its tail wagging, as if it was waiting for the call for command.  However, Kerr did not give any instructions but touched the chin of the tiger, and then kept scratching the Flaming Tiger’s head gently.

Wow, the Flaming Tiger could be this cute… (? ′???????)



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