Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Maidens Chapter 17

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17. Innate attraction

Rewinding to ten minutes ago.

At this time, Aegir was holding her giant axe and chopped to the Flaming Tiger in front of them. However, even with the “Breath of the Wind”, such acceleration magic, Aegir was still was not as fast as the flaming tiger.

The Flaming Tiger deftly dodged Aegir’s “Breath of Wind”; then, it jumped afterward forcefully toward Aegir and tackled her.  Aegir did not have enough time to escape.  She put up the giant axe and used the long iron handle of the giant axe handle to block the Flaming Tiger’s flaming mouth. But Flaming Tiger was a called beast of fire, how could it be blocked by the axe handle? Extraordinary heat was produced in that red flaming mouth, and the iron axe handle bitten in the tiger’s mouth was instantly melted into red iron water.


Aegir’s face turned pale.  Her best and the proudest weapon was so easily broken into two by the Flaming Tiger. With any double, anyone could guess that could happen to Aegir next.  Agirre did not have much magic talent.   Losing her weapon was like a fish out of water.  The Flaming Tiger was about to slaughter Aegir.

Aegir flashed to aside and fought with her fist, but when she hit the Flaming Tiger with her fist, it caused no harm to the Flaming Tiger at all.  Now, the Flaming Tiger twisted its body and rushed toward Aegir.  Looking at the flaming mouth that was pouncing towards her,

Aegir, who could not even have time to react, hopelessly closed her eyes.

But as time passed second by second and nothing happened. Aegir was anticipating the pain of being bitten and torn open by the beast and yet it did not happen.

Inexplicably, Aegir slowly opened her eyes.  She saw a young black-haired youth’s back is standing in front of her.

“This… This is??”

She didn’t know how Yu blocked the attack from the tiger.  The Flaming Tiger was looking at Yu with caution.  It seemed that the Flaming Tiger had suffered some losses.

However, Aegir could not imagine that the Flaming Tiger would immediately take an initiative to give up the attack as soon as Yu appeared in front of the tiger.  Being a calling beast, the Flaming Tiger instinctively sensed the threat as soon as Yu showed up.  Therefore, the Flaming Tiger immediately give up the attack, quickly distanced itself from the threat, and observed the situation.

“I don’t want to be punished and by copying textbooks because of taking time to gaze at my beautiful woman.” 

He said and stared at the tiger. At the same time, Yu quickly released a force of pressure toward the Flaming Tiger.  That type of force of pressure was used without magic.  It happened in a split second, and it was difficult for humans to detect it.  However, as a summoned beast, the tiger was able to sense this kind of force, even it happens as quickly as a split second.

Being faster than ever, this Flaming Tiger made its best decision in its life.


= ̄ω ̄=

Flaming Tiger, who was powerful enough to self-proclaimed as a king in the ordinary summoned beast, was lying on the ground to turn his white belly towards Yu and utter a feminized call.

“It looks like you have a good understanding!” 

He looked at the action of the Flaming Tiger and released a reassuring smile.  Then, he quickly went up and gently rubbed the belly of the Flaming Tiger.

In fact, Yu was worried earlier what if this Flaming Tiger was ignorant and fought against him.  How could he control his power and not let Kerr suspicious about his true self.

“Good cat~~~~!!!”

While touching the chin of the tiger, Yu kept rubbing the hair of the tiger. Although it was a tiger laying in front of them, after all, it was still a big cat alike animal.  Looking at such a big cat who was begging to be touched, Aegir also could not help it and ask,

“That… That one… Can I touch it, too?”

At this moment, the wild and rough Aegir was like a puppy, slightly timid hiding behind Yu.  She was going to reach out to touch the Flaming Tiger’s head, but she was frightened and retraced her hands when the Flaming Tiger wiggled its ears.

“It doesn’t matter, it won’t bite you, right?”

As he spoke, he rubbed the head of the Flaming Tiger.


The Flaming Tiger squinted his eyes at Aegir and was making that budding cat MeeOW calls. Aegir looked at the big cat and could not hold it anymore. Immediately, she rushed over and hugged the Flaming Tiger at its stomach, neck, and head, and kneading the tiger.  The Flaming Tiger not only did not resist, it even gently licked on Aegir’s face.

“What are you doing….”

Kerr had noticed that something was going on there, and immediately went toward Yu and Aegir.

“Petting, Petting the cat.”

Yu and Aegir saw Kerr and stood up immediately.  That Flaming Tiger walked around and its tail rubbed its tail around back and forth.


Seeing the scene in front of her, Kerr was completely shocked.

It was a Flaming Tiger! Even if it was not a high level summoned beast, it was also one of the top two species in the common summoning beast.  With its proud and lonely character, without exception, it was impossible to flatter humans other than its master.

But now this scene was really happening in front of everyone.

“Professor Kerr, is this not counting as we beat the Flaming Tiger?”

Aegir looked nervously at Kerr, but she could not help touching the head of the Flaming Tiger behind her back.  That was going to be a difficult question for Kerr.  The original plan was to let them defeat the Flaming Tiger.  She did not expect that they could train the Flaming Tiger as a cat. This had never happened before.

“Fine… Luck is also part of strength.  Even if you were lucky to get Flaming Tiger to like you, don’t expect to have the same luck tomorrow.”

Although Kerr did not want to admit, that was the only thing that she could do now.

“Good !!!  I didn’t expect you, this spring pervert would have such a hand!”

Aegir patted Yu on his shoulder with a big smile on her face. Her previous antipathy to Yu was instantly swept away.

“Don’t call me like that! You violent girl. ” 

“It’s really embarrassing to be called a pervert in front of such a lovely girl.”

“Fine, fine, I won’t call you that.”

Aegir was still smiling.

“All right! Now that you have completed the course.  it is free time, and it will be up to you to rest or to continue to practice.”

Kerr stretches out the right hand began to condense magic.  She was ready to recollect this Flaming Tiger.

“Professor Kerr…”

Aegir suddenly stopped Kerr and showed a look with a request.

“What’s the matter? Just say it?”

Kerr stopped to cast his spell and looked at Aegir.

“Can you leave this Flaming Tiger behind and let it play with us for a little while?”

Kerr looked at the Flaming Tiger who already gave up its dignity, lying on the ground with its belly up and waiting for people to touch it.


Kerr stood aside wrapped her head with a headache, while Yu and Aegir were immediately excited to begin to play with the Flaming Tiger.

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