Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Maidens Chapter 16

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16. The Absolute Powerhouse

A summoned beast was capable of sensing magic, the Flaming Tiger could naturally sense the flow of magic that Kyle was steadily casting. The Flaming tiger stared at Kyle cautiously; then, it slowly swerved and set out the attack.

“Are you going to deal with this Flaming Tiger alone?”

Finally, Elsa who had not said a word finally asked.  However, it might be better for Elsa not to ask because Kyle took it in the wrong way.  He thought that Elsa, this little girl was worried about him and made him feel proud of himself.

“Don’t worry about me, just watch my performance!”

To leave a handsome image to Elsa, Kyle looked back at Elsa and smiled.

However, just then the Flaming Tiger caught a break and began plunging towards him. Fortunately, Kyle reacted quickly.  Before the Flaming Tiger got to him, he stuck out his palm and released wind base primary attack magic called “Wind Edge” against the Flaming Tiger.  Although the magic he used was at a primary level, it contained power close to a superior magic level.

“Shell Breaker!”

It was the natural magic that Kyle inherited as a duke’s elder son.  No matter what level of magic it was.  As soon as it got into Kyle’s hands, he could boost its power to the next level. Perhaps, a primary level of magic was not a big deal, if Kyle could master the advanced level of magic, those magics would be scaled up to superior level magic.  That was also why people were afraid of Kyle’s family.

At that moment, a strong wind whistling attached toward the Flaming Tiger.  Where the wind arrived is where Wind Edge reached.  Under this sharp Wind Edge, Flaming Tiger’s tough skin was slashed out of a bloodbath. However, Flaming Tiger was not an easy opponent to deal with.   It dodged to a side, jumped, and got out of the range where the Wind Edge was attacking. A blazing flame was building bigger in the tiger’s bloody mouth.  In a second, a group of flame was about to smashed past to Kyle like a bomb.

“Hum! That is just a little trick like carving a bug!”

Kyle raised his right hand to compress the air around his palm in a flash using the magic of Wind System magic, and then he used the magic to compress it into a ball bomb.  He threw the air bomb toward the fire flares fired by the Flaming Tiger.

As soon as Kyle’s air bomb collided with the fireball from the Flaming Tiger, the whole hall was immediately shrouded in the light of the explosion.  At this moment, Kerr was standing aside, nodded when she saw Kerr’s performance.  But just when everyone was frightened by the light from the explosion, no one could see where the tiger just came out. Immediately, it pounded and pressed Kyle to the ground.  That firebomb released by the tiger was just a bait.  Its immediate purpose was to knock Kyle to the ground with the light of the explosion.

Elsa saw the situation and hastened o help, but she was as quick as the Flaming Tiger.

The Flaming Tiger’s blood mouth filled with flames once again aimed at Kyle at an extremely close distance. Kyle was firmly pressed on the ground, but he did not give up.

Just as the Flaming Tiger was about to shoot out the fire, Kyle hastened to use the auxiliary magic to improve his defense capability as high as possible. In an instant, the fire of the tiger attacked Kyle’s body, and the burning fire engulfed Kyle in an instant.

Elsa rushed to the scene, and she could not help but cover her mouth.  Everyone at the scene thought that Kyle must be burned to death. However, when the flames flaring away, to everyone’s surprise, Kyle was fine and lying on the ground unscathed although he was covered in black smoke and some of the clothes were burned.

When the Flaming Tiger saw the unharmed Kyle, once again, the fire quickly built in his mouth.  However, this time Kyle was prepared.  Quickly, he compressed air with magic in one of his hands. Just as the tiger was about to release a burst of flames, Kyle hit the tiger’s chin with his air bomb.

This sudden attack actually made the tiger swallowed its own flame into the stomach.

The level of this tiger was not considered very high in the calling beast category.  Their flame was produced by the fire bag at their throat, so their internal organs had no defense ability against their own flame. Kyle’s attack gave the flaming tiger an internal injury.

Proudly,  Kyle pushed the dying tiger away, stood up, and walked toward Elsa in front of everyone.

“What do you think? It’s easy with my team, isn’t it?

Kyle thought that this time finally caught the opportunity to show off.  Hunting and killing the tiger in such a speedy fashion, he was afraid that there was no second person could do that in the field except for Kerr.  Elsa must be fascinated by me now.


From Elsa’s shy expression, it seemed to Kyle hit the jackpot. It was only the next thing that Kyle heard make him feel like someone punched him on the cheek.

“Kyle and Elsa, you’re the second team to complete the target, and now it’s your free time to continue practicing or resting.”

“What the!? Second?? Did you make a mistake? How long has this been going on?”

Kyle, who was the duke’s eldest son, had a wealth of experience in training from an early age. He also had talent such as  “shell breaker” magic, so he should be absolutely the strongest one in this ace class. It’s definitely not possible for anyone in the same grade who could be better than him.  It was impossible for any of those adventurers could be better than him.

“It is correct.  You’re the second team who finished the task.”

Kerr said and pointed to the other side of the hall.  Kyle saw a huge Flaming Tiger who was on the ground rolling non-stop, acting like a baby, and was being cute. On the side, Yu and Aegir were sniffing the tiger, wrong! The tiger was showing its affection towards the people who were obsessive-looking which was Yu and Aegir.


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