Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Maidens Chapter 15

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15. My Teammate is a violent woman

Soon Kerr used the form of a paper lottery, dividend the thirty-two students sixteen groups. Each group of these groups scattered to deal with a Flaming Tiger.  Yu looked at the number in his hand, quickly looked to Elsa.  Unfortunately, the number on Elsa’s hand was number 1, and the number that Yu got is number 7.  

“Is this deliberately screwing with me!” 

Looking at the number in his hand, he immediately rubbed the number on the paper. He really wanted to rub away that extra line of the number 7, so it could look like a number 1.

“Hey! Are you holding a number 7?”

Just at this moment, there raised a not very friendly female.

“Yes, but I’m trying to make it a number one.  . . .”

As Yu spoke, he kept rubbing the line on top of the character 7 with his thumb.”

“Are you dumb? You won’t be able to rub this off. Come over, I’m number 7 too. “

He looked up and saw the girl who spoke to him fiercely.

This girl was not too tall.  Her tanned skin with a perfect body proportion looked extremely attractive.  She had short black hair tied into pigtail braids.  A pair of eyes under her bangs were not too big but looked fierce. If she could speak gently, a lot more boys would go after her.  Unfortunately, no matter how she was looked at, she was still a violent woman.

Thinking about this, Yu’s eyes instantly scattered and looking dull. He felt like losing hope as a saltfish.


Holding the number in his hand, Yu sighed with his shoulders dropped and walked to the girl.

“What are you sighing about!? It is bad luck for me to be in a group with you, a perverted guy!”

The girl looked at inflated Yu and became was annoyed.

“If I couldn’t be in the same group with Elsa, it should at least let me group with a cute girl at least. Why do they having me group with such a violent… “

Before he could finish his thoughts, he saw a giant axe slip from the tip of his nose within less than a centimeter, and then hit the ground hard.

“I’m sorry.  It just slipped from my hand.”

The girl threw a very kind smile to Yu.

“Teacher!! I would like to change to another group.  My life would be in danger if I am grouping with this person.”

He immediately raised his hand and shouted at Kerr.

“I also want to change to another group.  This perverted useless guy would just hold me back.”

The whole class knew that he took advantage and touched Elsa during the admission exam, and he had been having that horny perverted look.  Of course, that offended the girls.

“Requests are denied. It is also a necessary test to perform tasks with people who can’t get along with.  If you ask me for that nonsense again, just go straight to the copying textbook penalty.”

Kerry ruthlessly rejected these two’s requests; then, turned and walked to one side of the hall, and began to silently gaze at the students. 

“Damn it!!! You, a useless pervert, just stand here to continue being horny.  I, Aegir, alone can defeat that Flaming Tiger. Don’t get me in trouble.”

As Aegir speaking, the young girl raised a giant axe and put out an attack on the Flaming Tiger, and there was an immediate green magic air flow waved at her feet, which was the “Breath of the Wind”.  That was the primary magic of Wind Property, the effect was to allow the caster to speed up.

The leisurely sitting Flaming Tiger looked at Agirre and suddenly alerted up.  In the next second, Aegir raised her giant axe and ran toward the Flaming Tiger at super speed.

Yu who was standing aside with that sad face began to search for Elsa in the hall full of magic and howls.

As Aegir was battling the Flaming Tiger, on the other side of the hall, Elsa was coincidentally partnered with Kyle, and that of course had brought joy to the misbehaving Kyle.

“It’s my pleasure to be in the group with you, beautiful Miss Elsa.”

Kyle put his right hand on his chest and saluted Elsa. In front of Elsa, Kyle showed off the manners that should have been for being a nobleman.


However, Elsa did not reply.  Elsa’s character was very shy.  She had never been good at getting along with boys. In addition, Elsa had not heard about Kyle’s family.   Elsa could not help being afraid of dealing with people who were good at covering themselves with gentleman manner, 

Looking at Elsa’s reaction, Kyle’s thought that Elsa was too shy to talk to him now.  Kyle felt a sense of satisfaction and thought, “Although that bastard Yu has gotten close to Elsa, this woman still fell for me as soon as she saw me.”

Once Kyle’s confidence had boosted up, he gathered all his magic power so that he could show off in front of Elsa.

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