Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Maidens Chapter 14

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14. Opponents in a group of two.

After a short lunch break, it’s a half-day-long actual combat practice class.

There were thousands of monsters inhabited in the vast territory of the Empire, so the actual exercise of fighting the Warcraft was an important course. The ace class was also the top class in the school, so the ace class’s hands-on battle lecture had been highly valued.

By this time, everyone in the ace class had gathered in the hall where they had taken their entrance test yesterday. The reason why the practice of actual battle classes and entrance tests held over here because the hall had been arranged from the inside and outside corners to withstand all kinds of magic and attack. This defense boundary was set up two hundred years ago by the Empire’s highest wizard, Acemans.  No matter what type of magic there was, none could penetrate the boundaries; therefore, In times of danger, it could also be used as a temporary refuge.  However, they had not got into such a situation so far. 

“Today is your first day of practice in battle class. Did pay attention to tactical theory class this morning?”

Kerr was standing in the middle of the hall and she was not mad but looked serious. Ace wizard’s temperament was all shown on her at this time. However, her face looked really cute. This extreme contrast was shocking to Yu. Unfortunately, there was one person who would be stunned by Kerr’s cute look at this moment, because all other students were all deeply aware of the horrors of this Flame Witch.

There was dead silence in the hall for a while. Because whatever she said was definitely heard by everyone in the room.   Whoever could not answer the questions she threw out in a moment, or whoever could not repeat the answer if she already provided the answer in her lecture. It would be looking for a punishment of death.  No one wants to be the first; however, keeping silent would be the best choice now.

“Since no one answered, I trust that you all have learned.  Your opponent in today’s practice class is it.”

As soon as she reached out, instantly, a magic array less than two meters in diameter unfolded beside her.  Then, a fiery red tiger with its tail tip flashing flaming fire jumped out of the magic array.

The tiger had black markings on its body, which is particularly overbearing with it flaming red fur. There were two sharp teeth spewed out of the corner of its mouth. These sharp fangs added even more chilling. Most horrifically, every time the tiger breathed, the burning fire was clearly seen in its mouth.

“Flaming Tiger?”

A classmate with glasses immediately called out the name of the calling beast.

“It seems that you still have some knowledge. This is the Flaming Tiger, is the fire property summoning beast that is a very common one, and it is the one enemy for you to defeat today.”

Flaming Tiger was sitting next to Kerr at this time, scanning through every student on the field with that pair of powerful and majestic eyes.  Although its size and strength cannot compare to a high-class Flame Wolf summon previously, a Flame Tiger was still a powerful existence among common beast.

“Do we really need thirty-one of us to deal with one Flaming Tiger? You have really underestimated us.”

Kyle, who just said this had ruled Yu out of the ace class. Although deep down, he was a little afraid of Kerr, but after all, he dared to ridicule Kerr because of his power and strength of his family. (TL/PR typical prick will learn when he gets his ass beat) 

“Did I say you dealt with it together?


Once Kerr replied, the whole audience raised their vigilance.  As soon as Kerr finished her sentence, fifteen exact the same magic array occurred behind her.  Within the light of these magic array, what shown up were nothing else, but fifteen Flaming Tiger.

“The practical training lesson for this afternoon is two people in a group to defeat a Flaming Tiger.  For those who couldn’t pass the training will copy all the textbooks that they had this morning 100 times.”

All students were shocked.  Copying word by words of the tactical theory textbook that they had in the morning, that was a total of full twelve pages of content.  Coping that amount of content could make anyone die in the dormitory.

“That.. that Professor Kerr, we were not taught how to deal with the Flaming Tiger in the morning class.”

A classmate asked shockingly.

“You should learn by analogy. Aren’t there a lot of you adventurers? You should have already had experience with this level of warcraft.”

Kerr knew that within of the 32 students, many had been adventurers, and a few of them had gone to temporary recruitment to deal with Ice Dragons. She knew the reality of that recruitment; therefore, she did not emphasize on the Ice Dragon thing.

Yet among these young people, the vast majority of them were only at the lower level of the people in the Adventurers Association. When there was in a fight with a monster at a Flaming Tiger level, there were often experienced adventurers on the side to help them.  Unfortunately, such experienced adventurers did not exist now.


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