Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Maidens Chapter 13

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13. A short lunch break.

After the boring history class, the students finally had a short lunch break. The ace class is very special in the academy; therefore, they were given benefits that normal students did not have, including free school meals.

Although in the past, it did not matter to him whether he ate or not.  Ever since he mixed into mankind, it was as if he had a change of stomach. What had led to Yu’s changes was that humans could make so many delicious and tasty foods.

“Hey! Look at that duo, he is just like a country bumpkin who has never seen the world.”

“Yes, he has ordered so much because foods are free. I don’t know how big is his stomach.”

The students sitting on the side looked Yu contemptuously who was eating and drinking regardless.

“I really don’t understand why this kind of person will join us in the ace class.”

“Didn’t Professor Kerr say because he was bold, didn’t you see how he fooled Gale, the old man with all his nonsense today.”

“I think Gale is also old and confused.  That duo just made up nonsense to fool Gale.”

Just then Kyle, sitting close by, suddenly turned and looked at the small-talking classmates.

“He could fool others once, but he won’t be able to fool others for the second time.  This Yu, the country bumpkin, sooner or later, I will get him out of this school.”

This was no longer a whisper.  Compared to the small talks among that group of the students, this sounded more like a threat or intimidation.  Hearing what Kyle said, that group of students suddenly were excited to see any gossips.  Kyle was from a powerful family, and he had excellent strength.  If he wanted to engage in a fight with this country bumpkin, it would just like a matter of flick. Just give the Yu a lesson so that he would know who was the boss here.

But when Kyle tried to turn around and expected to see how frightened Yu was. Kyle was so angry with his veins blown out of his head. Yu who was sitting at the other side did not hear him at all, and he was not pretending.  It was because the people’s goddess Elsa was having lunch and sitting right there with Yu.

Yu looked at Elsa who was sitting opposite himself.  This time he took the tableware and didn’t know whether to continue to eat or to chat with Elsa instead.

“Damn it! I did not expect that I could eat with Elsa so soon, what should I do now? “

Although it was not dating, he could sit here and have lunch with his favorite little girl face-to-face is already very exciting to him.  As for how humans indicated in their books, “Almost all the relationship begins at the dinner table.  For those relationships don’t start at the table, they’re going to be at dinner,” 

As Yu lacked relationship experience, he simply did not know what to say next and did not know what to do next. At this point, his brain is full of how human commuted, among others.  Therefore, Yu did not have any desire to listen to Kyle’s provoking. 

“Hmm.  Does it bother you that I’m sitting here?

Elsa looked at Yu’s sad-faced and began to feel that she was bothering Yu while he was having his lunch.


“Damn it.  What did I just say!  I was only thinking and said ‘hmm’ without thinking!”

Once it was said out loud, what it was said just like a splashout out of the water and won’t be able to reclaim.  At this critical moment, Yu felt that there were tens of millions of grass mud horses whistling past in his heart.”

“Okay then, I’ll move to another seat.”

Elsa replied with disappointment, and she picked up her plate to leave.

But just then, Yu paused and said, “Wait! I might be more distressed if you don’t sit here.”

Elsa was frozen for a second, and then the corner of her mouth was up slightly.

“You are such a strange person.  If I sat here, you would be upset, and if I did not sit here with you, you would still be upset. Why is that?”

“Well, that’s it. . . Because I am very happy to see you, but I do not know how to make you happy, so I am distressed. . . . .”

Hearing what Yu said, Elsa completely laughed out loud.  On that already white powder-like face with her touching smile, absolutely could subdue all the men over there.

Only at this time, there were not many boys could see such a beautiful Elsa, because they all fixed their eyes with envy on Yu.

Among them, Kyle’s angry look on Yu was particularly obvious. As the oldest child in the Duke of Empire family, this was the first time in his life that he felt so angry with another person.  Yu did not only ignore his warning; he also had a good time talking to Kyle’s favorite girl. 

“Hateful! I must let this unbeloved man kneel in front of me and ask for mercy. “(TL/PR keep dreaming buddy, Yorman the pervert will tear u a new one)

As the Duke’s eldest son an educated gentleman, Kyle, for his own reputation cannot go straight up to teach Yu a lesson.  Therefore, now he could only tolerate his anger by grinding his teeth.

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