Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Maidens Chapter 12

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12. Showing off in front of an expert (II)


Yu’s brows were locked.  In order not to be pulled away from his goddess Elsa. He began to think desperately in his mind about what had happened three hundred years ago.

“Was there a battle between the Seventh Apostle and mankind?  I remember it seemed to be something like this. “

Although the memory is a little blurred, Yu vaguely remembered the time Seventh Apostle Celia complained to him.


“Mankind is becoming more and more aggressive now.  They stole my ring and threatened me with it!!  Hey, Yorman, are you listening to me? They threatened me with my ring!!  Are you going to help me out!!”

“Is it only a ring? There’s nothing to make such a fuss about.  You’re not hurt.  If there is nothing else, go away, don’t get in the way of my research literature.” (TL/PR Yorman was reading too many pervy books to listen to her)


Yu remembered the frustrated expression of the Seventh Apostle, Celia.  At that time, Yu was obsessed with human beings.  Therefore, he did not even pay attention to what Celia had told him.

“Ah… I remember vaguely that someone stole Celia’s ring.”

The whole class choked up with his remark.

There are two reasons why the students were stuck.  First, he randomly called out the name of the Seventh Apostle.  Generally, the name of the Seventh Apostle was for humans to call.  It is said that the war with the Seventh Apostle was because some people had called her name in person.

Secondly, Yu’s answer was so incredible.  Did Mankind steel the apostle’s ring and turn the situation around? This was not mentioned in the textbook.  At this time, all the students in the class thought that Yu deliberately wanted to give up his own good future.

But when the students turned to Professor Gale on the podium, Gale’s expression was as surprised as they were.

The Gale’s answer was that the great inventor Aiser created a magic guide system that could output magical energy at high power.  The Seventh Apostle finally realized the gravity of the matter and agreed to move from war to peace.

This was an expected answer from general students.  Although the topic around had a few tricks, as long as the students had studied, they could figure out this answer.

However, Yu was different.  His answer was more correct than the correct answer.  He gave a direct indication of the original victory of the war.  That device was only able to emit a huge amount of energy entirely because of that magical Apostle ring.  If user did not steal the ring, he would never have invented that powerful and threatening weapon.

After a moment of silence, dumbfounded Gale finally asked:

“What is your name?”

Professor Gale walked to Yu.  Admiringly, he looked at this student who was in the ordinary uniform.

“Yu, just one word.”

“Very good, Student Yu, please sit down, let’s continue our lecture.”

Professor Gale’s remark undoubtedly surprised the whole class.

“Professor Gale! Why didn’t you kick him out of the class?”

A question raised for the rest of the class.  It was the blond boy who ostensibly saved Elsa yesterday.  

The blonde boy thought that he was the one who saved Elsa. Beauty like Else should come and give him a hug.  However, he didn’t expect that Elsa was touched by this guy, and they had been developing a closer and closer relationship.

No man could swallow this.

Therefore, this blond boy really wished that Yu would be expelled from this class.

“If I remember correctly, you should be Kyle, right? You are the number one or number two student in this ace class. Kerr mentioned you to me.  I hope you can read a little more about history, which will be of great help to you to understand the apostles and to understand magic.”

Gale turned to a confused Kyle, who was stunned by what Gale just said to him.

“Maybe you don’t quite understand what this student Yu said. No wonder.  That was not indicated in the general textbook.  Only those who often spent time in the library and seriously study history would be able to provide this answer. This answer is also the most accurate answer.  I’ll tell you the details in a moment, but before that, I hope you will speak up the names of the apostles like student Yu. We should not be afraid of the apostles, instead, we should try to understand them, and defeat them! Doing this is the only way that mankind can make continuous improvement.”


At this time, Yu thought about his position and the pursuit of goals, his face immediately revealed an awkward expression.

But unlike Yu, Gale was relieved to walk to the podium, and then began to give a lecture in areas that were often not included in the history books.


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