Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Maidens Chapter 11

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11. Showing off in front of an expert.

It’s 9 a.m. when the ace class completed their running in the morning.  The classes on their first day were very simple. They had their Theory class and a History of Mainland Development in the morning.  In the afternoon, it was devoted to combating class.

The first lesson is the theory, divided into tactical theory and magic theory.

At first, Yu just sat there in his seat and kept staring at Elsa who was sitting right next to him.  Until he saw Kerr gave him a fierce look, he began to pay attention and listen to the lecture presented by Kerr.

The lecture really surprised Yu.  He thought that human beings could only use a close combat technic in battle, and there was only a small amount of people had magical talent.

When he lingered in the Adventurers’ Association before, he only cared about looking for young women every day and didn’t pay attention to the detailed matters of other humans. Nowadays, most of mankind had the talent to use magic, just a different amount used. 

Some people had a high artistic talent and could fight with magic directly, while many others only use magic to improve their quality of life or, they just combined their magic and sword skills with other close combat warfare techniques to improve their combat effectiveness.

Then, when Kerr began to talk about the tactical theory of hunting warcraft, Yu began to doze off.

The next continental history class was not a lecture by Kerr, instead, the lecture was given by a very short-looking old man.   How would Yu be interested in the history of the development of mankind!   So he turned his head and looked at Elsa who was sitting not far to his right.

Now there were only two things in Yu’s mind.  First was how to develop a relationship with this little beauty called Elsa, so he could marry her in the future.  The second was how not to let Kerr find out he was the one who saved her that day.

“The one who is sitting in the second to last row and dreaming about girls, stand up and answer this question!”

The little old man on the podium pointed at Yu and shouted. For a while, the whole class all looked at Yu, but Yu didn’t realize what had happened in the classroom.  He was still stared at Elsa with his admirable look. Although others did not know about it, Elsa knew what was going on.  She brushed and buried her face in her textbook.

“Hey! The guy whose thinking about girls!! Old man Gale is calling at you!”

The schoolgirl who was sitting in front of Yu, pulled Yu’s cuff slain and got him out of his fantasy.

“Ah!” What is it?”

The interrupted Yu stood up and was looking lost.

“What’s what? Answer me, who blew up the Hanging City 1,300 years ago?”

The teacher repeated the question.

“I didn’t mean to blow it up!” (TL/PR good one dumbass thank god everyone is retarded in the classroom or they would have figured out that you are Yorman the pervert I mean infinite)

Without even thinking about it, Yu blurt it out.  The whole class laughed crazily.

“This guy is so funny!”

“This guy is really as how teacher Kerr described.  He is bold!  He even dared to play tricks on Professor Gale who is known as the king of the historic areas.”

For a moment, the atmosphere in the class became extremely active.  However, Professor Gale’s face looked irony green on the stage.  There had not been a student dared to joke with him with his questions.

However, the correct answer to this question was the first apostle, Yorman.   However, Yu definitely did not mean to blow up the Hanging City.  He always stays at his temporary home in the floating island and just read and slept over there.

He went to the Hanging City because his little sister got in trouble outside, so Yu was there to apologize.

At that time, Yu began to learn how to seal and control his own strength, so the others couldn’t realize the Yu’s identity. As he saw his little sister was humiliated by the crowd,

The result… …

Plus, Yu had a little wine before he went to the Hanging City… …


“I really didn’t mean to do that!”

Unfortunately, the students in the classroom did not know the truth.  They only thought that Yo was deliberately playing tricks on Professor Gale.

“I’m giving you the last chance, and if you can’t answer, you will be expelled from the ace class immediately! You must understand that I have the right to kick you out the school!”

The whole silenced as soon as they heard what Gale the little old man said, for no one would want to leave the ace class.  After all, that is an imperial royal.   With an ace class in the Royal Academy on a resume, there would be no need to worry about the money in his/her life.  After graduating from school, the graduate student could get a job in the imperial government. That would make everyone’s family and ancestors proud, it would make ourselves proud.

As for Yu, of course, he did not want to leave! Not only there were so many beautiful young girls here, but there was also a handsome and beautiful Elsa.  Plus, there was a little cold but unexpectedly lovely Kerr. Being a single dog for thousands of years, Yu did not want to miss this hunting opportunity in the zoo.


For a moment, Yu nervously swallowed his saliva.

“Listen to the question carefully!  There have been many confrontations with the apostles in the history of mankind.  What are the turning points in the battle between humans and the Seventh Apostle three hundred years ago?”

Gale asked, and all the students puzzled when they heard the question.

Everyone knew who was the one who turned the whole battle around.  Students were required to study that section in History class. However, no one really knew why the battle turned around eventually? That was not mentioned in the textbook.  Should the answer to Gale’s question be a strong will and refuse to lose spirit?  However, that would be too easy of an answer to King of history’s questions.  The answer must not be so easy and simple.

For what all the students could see, undoubtedly Yu had got Professor Gale upset.

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