Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Maidens Chapter 10

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10. Not knowing how to conceal desires.

Early the next morning, as commanded by Kerr, all thirty-two students from the ace class gathered on the playground on the west side of the school.  That was in winter, and it was six o’clock in the morning.  The sun had even risen yet.  Many students were still sleepy and barely could drag themselves to the playground.  No one would expect to see their instructor Kerr who was already here at the playground.  She arrived earlier than everyone else.  When Kerr began speaking, all students fell into the abyss of despair.

“Now everyone run around the school for ten laps. After you finish running, we will start the course today.”

“What the!??”

For a while, the students began whispering and complaining. The size of this school is beyond the average campus. It is so big that an average person would fall to the ground after running for one lap. Now, she asked for ten laps, and there’s no way for anyone of the students to handle it. 

“Whether it’s a magic battle or a white-edged fight, physical strength is the basic requirement. You cannot call yourself a student in the ace class if you cannot handle this.”

Most of the students understood her theory, and some of them have received a good education and well trained before they entered school.  They came to the academy for additional training and become stronger, and to add the academy’s name to their resume.  Therefore, even with the complaints, they began their running.

Of course, for Yu, whether it would be ten laps or twenty laps, there would be nothing difficult for him.  He could just open his power seal a little bit.

Now the only thing in Yu’s mind was the young girl with that long silver hair from the battle yesterday.  That was why as he was running, gradually he ran and ran following behind the silver-haired girl.

Because it was morning exercise, the silver-haired young girl wore a pair of tight shorts that outlined the perfect curves of her hips.  Now, Yu’s eyes were completely locked on the girl’s body. That is not correct! Precisely speaking, Yu’s eyes were locked on the girl’s seductive cute butt.

“OMG! A human being is a genius!  How could they invent something so powerful! ” (TL/PR pfftt hahaha someone finally left the closet)

Perhaps, the person who invented this type of tight shorts could never imagine that his invention would make an Apostle to be Subdued willingly.

“But I should not just stare at her butt. Should find a way to get close with the young girl; otherwise, when Yu could achieve his awesome goal?”

Yu was thinking and made up his mind.  He accelerated and ran side by side with young girl.

As soon as he caught up with her, Yu saw a pair of attractive ball shape objects bouncing ups and downs like in surging waves.  That sweaty white tender and crispy fat could have such magic and attractive.

Suddenly, Yu felt a warmness in his nasal cavity, a trace of sweet things flowed into his mouth. He quickly took out his handkerchief and wiped his nose blood.

“That…. That one… Stop that please.”

The embarrassed young girl blushed and whispered to Yu.

With the lovely young girl’s protest, his inner conscience finally awoke.  Yu’s had a bit of a tendency to overcome his natural desire. He just touched her chest yesterday.  Now, he peeped over her body.  These were acts of a pervert. (TL/PR Yorman the pervert)

“No way! I must change my image. Even if I was a scum, I should be a scum for the purpose of getting married! “

But how could he admit that just he just stared at her chest and butt.  His brain flight quickly to find excuses to explain why he stared at her.

“Ah! I was just wondering why you still wear so little on such a cold day? Won’t you be afraid that you would catch a cold?”

“Perfect! In this way, she would think that I just cared for her, with an educated mindset. The nose bleeding was I was overthinking, and my brain was overloaded! Perfect! ” Yu was thinking.

But he did not realize that, in fact, his thoughts had been written all over his facial expressions. And silver-haired young girl already saw everything.  To avoid getting in further embarrassment, she didn’t expose him.

“Me? Because I am major in ice magic, anti-freeze is the most basic training.  In order to be able to train more effectively, I will have to wear a little less.”

“Is this how human trained for the ice magic?” Wouldn’t it be more effective if you didn’t wear anything at all?”


“What the hell did I just said!”

Unintentionally, desire overcame logic once again.  Yu spoke out without thinking again. 

The atmosphere between them just turned warmer after the young girl replied, but it felt into embarrassing bottom once again.

“That is true.  I do that when there’s no one at home.”  

Yu did not expect that.  The young girl blushed and replied.

“Oh my God! Is this helping me? Is she interested in me? Did she just give hints as something? Should I be a little proactive and boost her interest in me?”

After much thoughts, he finally decided to answer this question:

“If there is a chance, I really want to visit you at your home.”

Yu thought that would be a perfect question to ask her. So after saying it, immediately he pictured that the seductive young girl was lying on her side on the red sofa.  Yu was with a brush in his hand and painting a beautiful…” 

“How come your expression shows every thought of yours?”

The shy young girl looked at Yu’s intoxicating expression, almost chuckled out because there were not many people who would be as frank as Yo now.

“Ah? What just happened to me? 」

He was pulled back from the fantasy when he heard the young girl’s voice.

“It’s nothing… By the way, I haven’t thanked you for what you did yesterday.”

The young girl ran and lowered her head bashfully.  Her shy expression immediately reminded Yu of that soft and elastic touch from yesterday.

“Yesterday? That I really didn’t mean to do to you. 」

What he said was different from how he thought about it.  It’s the best time to apologize, otherwise, it won’t play out anymore.

“I was talking about when you saved me!!!”

The young girl looked at Yu and knew that he was thinking something else again, so she hurriedly pulled him out of his own harmonious imagination.

“Ah! That thing…”

“Although others didn’t see it, but I knew it. If you hadn’t shown up in time, I’m afraid I won’t be able to escape.”

The little sister blushed and expressed her gratitude from the heart.

“But even if you got hurt, you would be saved by that tall woman.” 」

Yu thought for second and remembered that no matter how serious the injury was, they all cured by that tall woman named Claire.

“That’s not the same.  First, we didn’t know we would be okay.  Even if we knew that we would be all right, no one wanted to get hurt. After all, the pain was real, so I really appreciate it.”

The young girl ran with loose silver hair flying on her white face, coupled with a gentle smile in the corner of her mouth, Yu couldn’t help to stare at her again.

“Ahh… I haven’t asked for your name yet. 」

Yu stunned for a long while, then realized that he still did not know the girl’s name. To develop a long-term relationship, at least they should know the names.

“Just call me Elsa. What about you?”

Elsa turned her head and looked at Yu’s charming face with her purple gaze.

“My name is Yu.  Just a single-word name, no last name.”

”Is there only one word? It’s a simple name. But I feel that matches you well.” (TL/PR first harem member captured)

Now Yu left Elsa an image of a simple image about himself without a single without the slightest pomposity and insincerity.  He was straight forward with hiding his own desire. That was much better than those playboys who pretend to be friendly and loving, yet they just disappear after a one-night stand.  More importantly, Yu was not arrogant and prideful like the other students in the ace class.

“How much longer are you two going to run?”

Just as Yu was thinking about continuing to talk to Elsa, a cold, stern voice came from the side.  Take a look, and it was Kerr who seriously stared at Elsa and Yu.


Both Yu and Elsa looked puzzled.

“You two have already run two extra laps.  Can you stop here and go to class with the other students?”

Although the tone of her voice was calm, there was already a burning fire of anger in her eyes. __

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