Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Maidens Chapter 9

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9. The Conversation in the tower.

Late at night after the entrance test, there was only one room above the tower that the light was still lit.  That was the principal’s room.  Kerr, Claire, and the Empire’s greatest wizard, Acemans, were sitting in the principal’s room were in discussing something.  

“Have we selected all the candidates for the ace class by now?”

Acemans stood by the fire and looked at Claire and Kerr with his usual amiable eyes.

“Professor, there are a total of 32 students admitted to the ace class.  12 of them are the young adventurers who had participated in the mission to kill Ice Dragon.”

Kerr replied to Aceman with great respect.

“That’s good… give these guys a chance.   After all, it’s understandable for them to run away when they saw such a powerful Ice Dragon.”

“Professor… Could the person who associated with the Apostle be mixed himself in these people?

Although Acemans was a kind elder gentleman, Kerr was still extremely nervous as she spoke in front of Acemans.

“Impossible.  Although our school is an excellent academy, there is nothing worthy of an Apostle’s attention.  I think that Apostle just killed the Ice Dragon at his convenience when he passed by.”

Acemans said firmly.  He knew it better than anyone else.  Although the school had rich magic resources, it was still not enough to get an Apostle’s attention.


“Why do you suddenly ask such a question?”

Acemans asked, and he felt a bit strange and asked while looked at Kerr’s eyes filled with doubts.

“Professor Acemans, during the admission exam today, there was a student who defeated the Flame Wolf.  The problem is that we could not see how he defeated it.  We only saw him got in front of the wolf; then, the wolf was seemingly not able to control its body and flew into the air.”

Professor Claire said that person was Yu.  Although neither Kerr nor Professor Claire said anything during the exam in the afternoon, they both knew that that wind wall won’t be able to stop the Flame Wolves. The only possible person who got a chance to stop the Flame Wolf was Yu.  He was at the other side of the wind wall.  However, they couldn’t tell what magic Yu used at that moment. 

“Haha, ~~ you think too much. Just beating a Flame Wolf into the air, no big deal. It could just be some natural magic that you have never seen.”

Acemans said and smiled at the serious Kerr and Claire.

Natural magic is a rare thing in this world, rare but they exist quite commonly. People with natural magic are usually can release their spells which ordinary magicians would not be able to complete.   Such as Claire’s power of healing is a kind of natural magic.  With Claire’s power of healing, there were almost no juries that she could not cure.

“Is that really the case…?”

Kerr frown and was still wondering, but quickly, she put her doubts behind. 

“All right.  It is getting late. You’d better go back and get some rest.  Don’t think too much about the apostles. I’ll have someone investigate.”

Acemans said as he walked to the rocking chair and lay down.

“Okay, Principle, we are leaving now, good night.”

“Good night Principle Acemans and rest well.”

Professor Claire and Kerr bowed to Acemans and walked out of the principal’s room.


Now, there was only Acemans who was lying quietly in a rocking chair by the fire. Slowly, he took out the small bottle that contained the “Hell Fire” from his front pocket.  He holds it in his hand and stared at the red and purple flame in the bottle. (TL/PR hellfire one of the special elements that only apostles can use this includes the other elements apostle versions)

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Kuro Alicia · November 10, 2020 at 11:21 pm

There is a plot hole
Previously Acemans says Apostel is the one who send the dragon and now he says Apostel is the one who beat it at his own convenience

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