Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Maidens Chapter 8

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TL/PR Mythra

8. The Class of The Witch.

“All right! Now please put all the magic away, the test is over.”

As the long brown-haired woman announced, all students stopped all the magic and put them away.  Everyone knew who this woman was.  She was Professor Claire, the vice-principal of the academy.

“What the hell is going on here!?”

People grunted with discontent.

“What’s going on? This is your admission test!”

Professor Claire answered the students’ questions lightly.

“But what are we going to do with these injured students?!!”

Students were unhappy because the test was too dangerous.

“What did you say about the injured students?”

Professor Claire questioned. Just as she asked, those students who were tore or bite by the wolves or burned by their flames appeared behind Professor Claire as nothing had ever happened to them before.


The students who were all stunned.

“We are the ranking number one or two academies on the continental.  How could we put our students to death? Everything in school is under our control.”

Professor Claire raised her eyebrows and spoke with praise and confidence.

“Oh, my God! How did I forget about this! Principal Claire’s nickname is Soul-chasing!”

Some students just recalled. It was said that there was a magician in the school who had the power to cure anyone as long as his/her head still existed.  That magician was Professor Claire who was standing in front of the students now.

“All right! Now that you all understand.  No more questions. Now I would like to congratulate you all who have been selected and admitted to the school’s ace class. Only the best students can be admitted to this class.”

As Principal Claire smiled and concluded her speech. The red-haired girl who was next to her stood up and said,

“You’ve shown great talent and courage through the test, but that’s still not enough in my opinion.  So starting tomorrow. I will be your instructor…”

“Wait a minute!? Isn’t the ace class the best in the academy? But why have such a little girl to be our teacher?”

A student rudely interrupted the red-haired girl’s speech, but in a split second, that student was hit by a huge fireball and flew to the wall of the hall.

“Kerr, don’t add more to my workload any more…”

Professor Claire walked to the student who had been beaten and flew to the wall.

“Kerr? Is it that Charlotte?” (TL/PR Charlotte is Kerr’s family last name)

“Oh, my God! The Flame Witch? The hero who killed the ice dragon.”

Students who had not met Kerr looked surprised eyes.  No dared to question about Kerr anymore.

“So if there are no more questions, let’s meet at six o’clock tomorrow morning in the playground on the west side of the school. The uniform ace class will be sent to your dormitory shortly.”

Kerr gave instructions and turned away.  As Kerr was leaving, the blond student who let out the wind wall shouted.

“Just a second please!”


Kerr seemed not very happy that someone called her out.  Quietly, she starred at this blonde young man.

“If we can get into this ace class because of our talent and courage, why can this guy join us?” 

The classmate shouted and pointed to Yu who was hiding at the end of the crowd.  Instantly, the crowd immediately split to aside and opened a walkway to Yu.


Looking at Kerr from far away, Yu burst out in a cold sweat. He was not afraid of not getting into the shitty ace class.  He was afraid that Kerr might recognize him.

But you usually get what you are afraid of the most.  Kerr walked towards Yu step-by-step.

As Kerr walked closer, her long red hair of the Flame Witch dancing slightly in the air, and her peachy-pink skin seemed like white jade to pass through the light, on that porcelain doll-like tiny cheek with a pair of fascinating blue eyes.

When fighting the Ice Dragon in the snowfield, Yu did not observe the girl carefully.  He only noticed that she had a beautiful face.  But now, in a closer distance, Yu found that this girl is beautiful and extremely cute! 

Unfortunately, Kerr looked so serious, starred straightly into Yu.  That made Yu a bit uncomfortable.

“Have we met somewhere?”

As soon as she opened her mouth, Yu was shakenly frightened.

“No. No. We’ve definitely never met.”

Yu stuttered.  His frightening thoughts were written all over his expression.  Fortunately, almost everyone was scared when they met Kerr for the first time, so Kerr did not think further about Yu’s reaction.  

However, Kerr seemed to know this face in front of her, but she couldn’t remember where she met this man when she searched for relevant memory.

Perhaps that’s what people called “perception of perception” – (TL/PR idk what does that even mean). Although it was a meeting for the first time, there was a feeling of previous acquaintance.

“Are you sure?”

Kerr plugged in her waist, staring at Yu’s nervous face, wanting to confirm.

“Affirmative!  I would remember if I’ve met such a lovely girl like you. 」

Either Yu really was really flirting or had a crude way of speaking. He seemed to be nothing but a blockbuster at this moment.  Yu’s praise made Kerr flushed, and all onlookers were stunned.

“Damn! Just took advantage of the goddess, now he is flirting with the Flame Witch.  Is this guy suicidal?”

“He is such a scum!” (TL/PR Yorman the pervert/harem catcher, not infinite)

Students began whispering.

“All right, let this guy stay in the ace class for the time being.”

What Kerr said stunned the students once again.

“Hey!? What?  Why?!”

“That is right!  This guy has done nothing but took advantage of the goddess.”

It seemed that people were not happy about the decision.

But Kerr ignored the disagreement from the students.  By the way, the admission was entirely dependent on her. She decided to let Yu stay in the class, and she must have sufficient reason.

“Let me ask you all.  Who among you would have the gut to do indecent things to a girl in the battlefield with four Flame Wolves?”


For a moment, everyone was completely stunned. Of course, their answer was NO.   Just having the Flame Wolf standing in front of them, they already trembled with fear.

How could anyone of them think of anything else?

When Kerr asked, the students realized that Yu was crazy.  He was just like a fifth wolf in the room, a “Hunting Demon Wolf.”

“Although this guy was not acting seriously, I like that he has guts.  Therefore, I will let him stay, and let’s observe his performance. I trust Principal Claire won’t have problems with this decision?”

Kerr turned around and glanced at Principal Claire who just finished treating the students who had been shot out by Kerr.  

“It’s your class.  It would be fine whatever decision that you make.

How Principal Claire replied affirmed the level of authority that Kerr had in the academy.

Yu was certainly admitted to this ace class.


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