Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Maidens Chapter 7

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7. Goddess under the mouth of the wolf.

However, as of now, the silver-haired girl did not have time to deal with the two boys. She rushed toward the Flame Wolfs, moved lightly to aside, led one of the Flame Wolf to one side alone; then, she raised her left hand, and an instant white magic array appeared in her palm.

Suddenly, everyone in the hall felt a hint of chill.  Following the bone-chilling wind, they saw countless snowflakes flying up in front of the silver-haired girl; then, a bone-chilling air dispersed the snowflakes and flew straight toward the wolf. 

For a moment, Flame Wolf’s flame became dimmed. And the wolf’s four feet, which were not wrapped around the flame were frozen on the ground by the ice.

“Now is the time!!”

The girl shouted, raised the ice sword, and rushed towards the wolf. The students who had been waiting aside all aimed at the wolf and released their magic, respectively. 

All of sudden, countless magic hit at the wolfs’ body, ice hammers, boulders, wind blades.  Although all those were basic magic, the Flame Wolfs became immobile under such attached at the same time.  The silver-haired girl seized the opportunity; she leaped up; quickly raised the ice sword in her hand, and slashed towards the forehead of one of the wolf’s.

But just when the girl was about to succeed, a huge fireball flew toward the wolf. In the moment of fireball struck the wolf, the flame on the Flame Wolf was once again lit up.

“Damn it! Who just released the fire magic series on the Flame Wolf?

Students on the side shouted and looked at the direction where the fireball just shot from.  A general flame could only be absorbed by the Flame Wolf, and increase the flame and make it more powerful.

“Oops, not good!!”

Just then the girl realized that the situation had changed, but now it is too late because she was stuck in the air and she was not able to control the movement of her body.

Immediately, the Flame Wolf opened its bloody flamed big mount and swooped towards the girl.  At this critical moment, an airstream was rising from the ground, formed a powerful wind wall between the wolf and the girl.  The wind wall was created by the young blonde man who blocked the flame with his own magic.

This wind wall looks like more advanced magic!

For a moment, the surrounding students were shocked by this strong wind wall. Everyone thought that the girl could be saved by now because this wind wall seemed to have an absolute ability to bounce off any objects near it.

“Yeah! “

Yu looked at the scene with his drawl dropped because he knew that the silver-haired girl was in great danger.  She could be buried in the wolf’s mouth in a second.

As what everyone thought, this wind wall might be able to block the wolf when it lost some power.  However, at this time the Flame Wolf was powered up and fully flamed.

It was at a strengthened level. To stop such a wolf, it needed to put on a level of defensive magic.

But it was too late.  The wolf’s head had broken through the wind wall.  In a split second, its bloody big mouth could bite at the girl’s snow-white throat.

At this critical moment, Yu suddenly appeared next to the girl.  At the same time, he slightly opened the seal that locked up his own power.  Although he just slightly opened the seal for a split second, that was more than enough power.

Yu embraced the girl holding his arms, and at the same time, he raised his foot and kicked hard at the wolf’s head.  The nearly two meters tall Flame Wolf flew straight to the other side of the hall.

It became dead silent in the hall.

“Are you all right?” 

He held the girl gently in his arms, staring at the girl’s beautiful cheek with concern.   At the moment, Yu tried to do everything possible to leave the girl a handsome image of a hero saving a beauty.  However, the girl’s face flushed, and tears turned in her eyes.

“Hey? This is not what I have expected.  Shouldn’t she be impressed and worship me with a infatuated expression?  Is it because she was so frightened of the wolf to cry? “

Just as Yu was confused, a sense of gentle and warm touch feeling passed from his palm into the brain. That was the sacred object that had never touched before.  “It was soft but elastic, strong but tender.  No matter how annoying things seemed to be, as long as you could bury your face into it, you could get sublimated relief.”

Yu was deep in his thoughts and couldn’t help pinching it.


The subtle and delicate gasps sounded in Yu’s brain through the ears and echoed in Yu’s mind.

Yu finally awoke from thoughts, looking at the young girl’s red cheeks and teary eyes.

“Wait a minute!  I did not mean to do that.  For a second, it felt so comfortable, and I couldn’t control my hands! “

“It’s over! What a good impression I would like to give to her.  Now is all in vain. “

Yu quickly let go of his hands and distanced himself from the girl.


The young girl flushed and said nothing.  Yu groped her in front of thirty-something people and the four Flame Wolf.

Just then, the onlookers all scolded Yu.

“Scum! Took advantage of the goddess at this critical time!”

“That’s right! He didn’t do anything to help in the battle but took advantage of the girl as soon as it was safe.”

Yu’s action against the Flame Wolf was so fast and concise. No one at the scene seemed to realize that the wolf had been hit by a thud from Yu.  They could only see that Yu took advantage of the girl, fumbling her like a sex maniac.

“Is the goddess’s chest for you to touch!?”

“Garbage! Take advantage of an innocent girl when the wind wall was blocking the wolf.  Shame on you!”

“Damn it!  I envy him! I want to touch it too!”


Suddenly, there came a disharmonious voice. The crowd and the boy who just confessed the truth turned silent immediately.

“All right!! Calm down.  The exam is done!”

Just as Yu was about to explain to everyone, a woman with long brown hair and a perfect S shape figure came in.  With her, there was also a young girl with flame-like red hair.  The four Flame Wolves disappeared into blazes as soon as they entered the hall.


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