Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Maidens Chapter 6

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6. Silver-haired beautiful girl.

“It’s really coming!! I am out of here!!!”

“Help!… Help me!!!”

Suddenly, the terrified students turned and rushed out of the exam hall through that narrow corridor.  People pushed forward and ran into each other.  It was totally out of order.  Now, these students were thinking of nothing but getting out of here.

“This is cool! That is cool! That is awesome!! 」

Although the scene is extremely chaotic, Yu seized this as an opportunity and got into the crowd with those pretty girls.  Pushing and squeezing, he was enjoying momentary of soft-touch against those girly bodies.

As people were trying to escape, there are a group of students stayed and wanted to fight the Flame Wolfs.  A few of them were survivors from the battle with Ice Dragon.  

“It’s a bunch of fools.  A massive escape at this moment will be turned in to a live target.” 

Said a uniformed handsome young man who was with broken blonde hair.  He blocked the demon fire from a Flame Wolf with his own wind attribute magical power.

“Hum! It seems that a few of them have some quality in this group of people!”

As the blond young man fended one of the Flame Wolf with his magic, a huge stone instantly protrudes from the ground and hit straightly to the Flame Wolf’s belly.  This act is the primary earth magic series called “Cobblestone,” and it was released by another schoolgirl who stayed and fought with the Flame Wolfs.

At this time, there were about 30 people who stayed and were ready to battle with the wolfs.  Very consciously, they divided into four groups, respectively, confronted the four Flame


However, these Flame Wolfs are not the general calling beasts, even there were adventurers among these freshmen, they were still at a disadvantage. In less than ten minutes, many of the 30 people were injured.

“Damn it! I heard that there were freshmen who battled and killed the Ice Dragon.  Where are they now!?”

A male student dodged the flames from the wolfs, ran to an injured boy, and released simple cure magic for him.  

“I’m sorry, I am…”

The injured boy looked at the man who helped him heal with great embarrassment.

“Damn it! It turns out to be lucky and saved your head!!  There’s no more to play here. Hurry up and run!”

The boy didn’t give a second thought, got up, and ran toward the crowded exit. However, just at this moment, one of the Flame Wolfs starred at the boy.  Just before the boy was about to run to the crowd, a huge fireball was shot out of the wolf’s mouth toward the crowd. 


The boy had panicked and stood there frozen.  He was helpless facing such a high heat fireball.

As the fireball approaching him, suddenly, a girl with long hair like silver silk satin instantly blocked between him and the fireball.  The girl had a delicate face like an angel.  Her purple pupils conveyed a firm belief, and her smooth skin is more like the first snow-white, like a beautiful and godly saintess.

At just a split second the girl appeared, a huge wall-like shield of ice appeared in between the fireball and the girl.  The huge shield of ice was melted as soon as it touched the fireball. Fortunately, the fireball also disappeared into the air because of the extreme cold ice shield.

“Ice Shield? This is intermediate ice magic…”

Looking at the ice shield that had disappeared before his eyes, the boy suddenly stunned.

“Hurry up! Run!  I’ll cover you!”

Said the silver-haired girl immediately gathered magic in her palm; dots of ice flower bloomed and condensed instantly in her hands; chills of ice-cold air seems to be commanded by the girl; gradually the chills shaped into a white sharp ice sword in the girl’s hand.

“It’s so beautiful…”

The rescued boy still stood in place, looking straight at the silver-haired girl who was holding the ice sword.  At this moment, the boy stood there as if his soul was hooked away by this girl.

“Yes… It’s so beautiful…”

At the exact moment, there was another person over there. He was standing there with the same expression, staring at the silver-haired girl.  That was Yu.


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