Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Maidens Chapter 5

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5. The Summoned Beast in the School.

“Here. Here. It’s heaven!!!! ” Yu couldn’t help screaming in his mind while he was huddled in the crowd.

The narrow hallway was packed with freshmen who were going to take the entrance exam in the hall.  It was really as what Acemans told Yo.  There were a lot of beautiful and lovely young girls there.  It was so crowded, and inevitably those girls’ soft and sensitive bodies were touching others.

The excited Yu walked along with the crowd with a lewd smile.   Clearly it would only take him five minutes to get to the hall, but he could not help himself wandering back and forth among the crowd for half an hour.

Finally, Yu got into the spacious hall with the last wave of people. The circular hall was big enough to hold a football field.  The crowd slowly dispersed when it came to the hall.

There was a ring of magic lights that glow on the circular roof of the hall.  The sealed hall seemed particularly bright under the magic light ring.  The ceiling of the circular roof was painted with a very dazzling mural. But Yu didn’t pay much attention to the mural, after all, he only cared about those lively beautiful girls.

“Are all the freshmen here?”  Suddenly a loud voice echoed in the hall.  Although the sound of speech could be clearly heard, no one could see where and who the speaker was.

“We are not going to wait further.  First of all, congratulations to all of you who have the opportunity to be trained in the Imperial Royal Academy. Now, let’s begin the admission exam.” The voice raised again.

In a flash, four red-lighted magic arrays appeared in the middle of the circular hall.  Fires raised and burned in the middle of each of the four magic arrays.  Before everyone could figure out what was going on, four giant wolves with flames burning all over them appeared in the middle of the hall.  Each of these wolfs was more than two meters tall, and the burning flames on the back and head seemed to be their feature.

“This…is this the Flame Wolf that only the senior wizard of the Flame system can summon?”

Several of the students who were standing nearest to the flame wolf leaned back and uncontrollably took a few steps back.

“Oh, my God! This is the first time that I see this level of Calling Beast at such a close distance.”

“What exactly is the admission exam? They have to use the Flame Wolf!”

Confronting the Flame Wolfs, some students seemed excited, some of them were in fear, and most of them were worrying about what would be waiting for them in the admission exam. 

“All right, let’s begin the test, and I hope you all will survive.”




As everyone heard the announcement, the atmosphere in the hall suddenly turned solidified.

“Are, are you kidding?”  

“It is not funny at all.  Let’s start the exam! Don’t make a fuss.”

Some students seemed to be annoyed and protested, but they didn’t look good.  Deep down, they knew that the academy won’t make such a joke.

At this moment, a roaring fire broke the silence.  This fire was the burning magic surrounding the outer body of the Flame Wolfs. 

These four Flame Wolfs were staring ferociously at the freshmen like the hungry hunters who just found their prey.

“Then!  We do not have a choice to fight now!”

With a roar, a huge sphere of water suddenly hit toward one of the wolves.  When the huge water polo collided with the flames on the wolf, the out layer of the water ball splashed and turned into streams of white smoke.  As the smoke dispersed, everyone saw that there was a 

hidden in the middle of the water ball.  The water evaporated, and the water ball man punched the wolf with his raging fist.  The wolf’s flame was weakened when its flames collided with the water all, and the flame wolf was knocked back a few steps by the heavy punch. 

“Great!  Hurry, let’s take advantage of it, and let’s get the Flame Wolfs together!!”

The young man, who had been given a heavy blow to the wolf, turned and shouted at his classmates.  However, everyone was in stock.  Most of them had never experienced real battles.  They were frozen with fear and just stood there.

However, there was no time to hesitate.  The wolf’s flame quickly burned up again.  While the freshmen were hesitating and didn’t know how to react, the wolf flew and bit on a student’s shoulder, and then threw him toward a wall.  Suddenly, his blood splattered on the face of others who were near him.  The injured student fell into a corner and lost consciousness as excessive bleeding from this tore-bitten shoulder.


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