Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Maidens Chapter 4

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4. Unspeakable secrets.

“Imperial Royal College”

This academy was a proud school of the whole empire, and it was the top no. 1 or no. 2 schools on the continent. Whoever could be admitted to this school, all would have extraordinary talent. However, these twenty-four people admitted were not for their talent, and they were special admission. (TL/PR no. = number if you didn’t know what it means)

In the academy, the doors and windows of a classroom were cursed with soundproofing and blocking magic.  Even the soldiers who were guarding outside the door were not able to hear anything from inside of the classroom.   Standing in front of the podium was that 300-year-old Imperial Chief Magician Acemans, and the commander of recruiting officers.

Finally, the commander roared at the twenty-four men who were sitting in the classroom, “You all know who you are and what you have done! You are sent to the academy in order not to embarrass the empire.  Otherwise, you have probably all long been executed as runaways from the battlefield!”

All twenty-three people sitting in the classroom nervously bowed their heads.  Most of these people were the lower level member of the Adventurers Association. They were young and wanted to make some money or we’re looking for an opportunity to become part of the official army; therefore, they joined the temporary troops to fight the Ice Dragon.   It seemed that they had achieved their goal, yet the reality was totally different.

 “Officer Kerla, no need to be so harsh, after all, this time the opponent is a little scary.  It is understandable that they ran away.” Acemans, the Imperial Chief Wizard seemed much reasonable comparing to the commander.

“Young people, do not be afraid.  All you need to do is to unify the caliber with us, and study hard in the academy.” Acemans smiled and glanced everyone in the room with a kind smile.

“Although Lord Acemans said so, I would like to remind you whoever leaks the secrecy will be executed immediately.  Do you understand?” Officer Kerla shouted to the twenty-four men in the room.

No one dared to respond and it was dead silence.

“All right, all right, Officer Kerla, don’t need to scare them any further. They are already my students, and I’m sure they will listen. Now, everyone go and take your academy admission test.”  Kindly, Acemans said to everyone.

Acemans waved his hand and dismissed all the magic attached to the door.  One by one, the deflated students walked out the door quietly.  Everyone looked pale as they bowed to their chest.  While everyone was leaving the classroom, there was a person still sitting at the desk, looking at the ceiling with a pair dizzily eyes.

“Classmates! Classmates!” Acemans waved in the front of Yorman’s face.

“innocent schoolgirls in uniform… long legged female teachers in black silk pantyhose …:” wondering in his fantasy and drooling, Yorman did not see or hear anything in front of him.

“Get up!” Officer Kerla roared and woke up Yorman from his daydreaming.

“What’s going on?” What’s wrong? I did not peep. Really, I did not!” Yorman woke up from his dream and stood up in a panic.

“Everyone left to the hall already.  There may be a lot of beautiful young girls over there waiting for you.”  Acemans joked and pointed to the direction to the hall where the rest of the students were heading.

“Really? Are we done here? I’ll be leaving.”  Without waiting for the Asemans and Kerla to respond, Yorman flew in the direction to the exam hall.

“Why are you offering such opportunities to these people, Lord Acemans?”  After Yorman left the classroom, Officer Kerla bent forward slightly and asked Asemans with great respect.  His attitude was totally changed.

“Give young people some opportunities.  We may gain some unexpected returns.”  Acemans remained smile and replied kindly.


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