Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Maidens Chapter 3

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TL/PR Mythra

3. Sudden admission notice.

The news about the Empire’s ace wizard, “Witch of Flames”, defeated the God-class Monster Ice Dragon, was spreading quickly on the continent like a wild horse.

The madness of the celebration went viral. This snowfield city was in the midst of a carnival. Whether it was in the streets or alleys, people were celebrating the winning by the Witch of Flames.

But just as everyone was celebrating, there was a man sitting in the corner of the Adventurer’s Association with a sad face. He was in his twenties, with hair was shiny and black, wearing an outdated coat and carrying simple protective gear.  

No one would have thought that he was the strongest apostle Yorman who slew the Ice Dragon with a single hand.  To pass himself off as a human, he gave him a human name, Yu. (TL/PR Yu will now be his fake name to live in society)

“I’ve gone too far!! If this exposes my identity, I won’t be able to fool around here anymore.” Yu said to himself.  

If cut butt girl in the bar or the big chest Miss Kanban knew that Yor was an in fact an apostle status will only.  They would either run away frantically or immediately fall and knee.  

In fact, a long time ago, Yorman secretly ran out and mixed himself in people. At that time, he did not conceal his power, and that caused some chaos.  Anyone who saw him was so afraid of him and would kneel and worship him immediately.  With his power, he could get anything and anyone that he wanted.  However, that was no fun for him at all.  He was not interested in those women who worshiped him! What he wanted were those innocent and lively beautiful girls.  He was very fond of those innocent girls who would flush when she was shy, would get angry because of jealousy, and would drool for good foods.  He wanted to have a romantic relationship with such cute to burst lovely girls, he looked forward to holding hands, kissing the girls, having a romantic night together.  He had been dreaming of falling in love, having a wedding, and starting a new and beautiful family.

“Oh, well, it’s better for me to leave here for the time being!” Yorman said to himself.

He grabbed his bag and walked out of the Adventurers’ Association. Even it publically announced that Witch of Flames killed Ice Dragon, they would notice if they would look into it, that it would take an Apostle level of power to defeat that beast.  It was only because Yorman was hot-headed at the time he killed that Ice Dragon with his Hell-Fire.  That Hell Fire was not something that mankind could handle.

“Goodbye, my lovely Miss Kanban, and goodbye my beautiful bar girl.  Although you have not agreed to date me, I won’t forget you.  Now I’m going to another city to search for a new opportunity, and maybe it’s a good choice to go to the Elves, who are far from the human city. ” Yorman whispered to himself.

Yorman helplessly looked at the girls who were busy working as he walked out the door.  But it was then that a group of men in imperial army uniforms busted into the lively Adventurers Association.

“Who’s Yor?” the comrade of that group of uniform men shouted.

For a moment the lively atmosphere solidified, then everyone turned and looked at Yorman who was sweaty and thinking, “There is no way that they have found my identity; otherwise, they won’t talk to me like this.” Yorman thought.

“Are you Yur?” The officer in the Peugeot uniform followed the crowd and stared at Yorman’s face.

“Yes, yes, I am Yu,” Yorman replied immediately.

It was too late for him to deny.  Most of these people in the association were my brother, yet they just sold Yorman out at a critical moment like this.  Since Yorman’s identity had not been exposed, the soldiers might be here to give him his compensation.  He had not collected his pay from the war with Ice Dragon because he was worried about his identity been exposed.

“We finally found you! You’re the last one that we have been looking for. Pack your belonging and come with us.” The commander patted Yorman on his shoulder and said quickly.  When he turned and walked to the front door, Yu asked, “Hey, where are we going? Are you here to pay my compensation for being in the war?”

Yorman extended his hand to reach out, but the officer had no intention of giving money at all.

“Compensation? Do you mean that three thousand gold coins? Of course, those golds definitely will be yours, and we’re going to take you to Imperial Royal College for further training.”

The moment the officer uttered the remark, the entire Adventurer’s Association turned into a commotion.

“Imperial Royal Academy? Isn’t that a college dedicated to training officers?”

“Even he will not be trained as an officer, he still will become very marketable after he is graduated.  Oh, my God, Yu is a new due who just came to the Association not long ago.  How did he get such an opportunity?”

“Why do they choose Yu? Could they get the wrong person for this? They must have recognized the wrong person.”

Suddenly, countless comments rang out in the Association.

“Silent! Let me explain to you all. Yu joined the temporary troops in hunting for Ice Dragons. You all know that the Ice Dragon was defeated and killed.  Yu is one of the 24 young men who survived the ice dragon hunt will be admitted to the Imperial Royal College for further training.  This is a reward to them for their contribution to the country. Also, we are hoping that they will be trained to be the excellency of the empire! Does anyone have a problem with this?” The commander’s remarks silenced the comments in the Association.  

All of the sudden, people’s envy and jealousy immediately turned into admiration.  As the empire had announced, although that was not true, the undefeatable Ice Dagon is very powerful.  The empire sent five thousand troops to fight against the Ice Dragon, and it ended up with only 24 men survived in the end.  Led by the Witch of Flames, these 24 courageous men tenaciously with the dying ice dragons until the end.

“All right! Now you come with me if you have no further questions, and you must know that this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.” The commander left no room for Yorman to refuse.

“Wait a minute! I have a question before I decide whether I should go with you.”  Yorman did not take the commander’s order easily.  He stuck on his principle and won’t do anything that he did not want to do, such as being an Apostle as his profession.

“What’s your question?”  The commander did not expect that this young man would question him like this.  The commander was surprised in angry.

“Hmm, will there be a lot of beautiful young ladies in the Imperial Royal College?  Yorman asked.

For a few seconds, the commander didn’t know how to respond to such a silly question, and the rest of the soldiers around them laughed out loud after they heard Yorman’s question.

After a moment of hesitation, the officer finally squeezed the word out of his face with a black face, “Yes.”

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