Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Maidens Chapter 2

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TL/PR Mythra

Chapter 2. Magic that can never be controlled.

“It must be an illusion, and I believed it was an illusion because I consumed too much mental power. How could anyone be able to defeat Ice Dragon by himself, and that Ice Dragon just destroy my whole army. How could he just kill this of natural disaster level monster in a second with one hand only!  It must be an illusion, and I must wake up, wake up.  I must stop the Ice Dragon. I must get up to stop it. ” Kerr struggled. (TL/PR duh…. he is Yorman the infinite the mc)

“Be sure to stop it!! Be sure to stop it!!” Kerr murmured.

She screamed and finally opened her eyes, there were no snowy fields and no Ice Dragon.  She was in a clean and tidy room covered with a white quilt. 

A stream of sunline shines through the window.  She reached out and feel the warmness of the sun, thinking, “How warm and soft this is!”

“Are you finally awake?” 

Following the voice, Kerr turned and saw a kind-haired, white-haired, goat-hued, kind old man who was sitting by her bed.  Kerr got up nervously as soon as she recognized the face.

“Master Acemans! I…”  Kerr recognized that was her teacher.

“Don’t worry about it.  Lie down and have a rest.” Master Acemans said.

This elder gentleman, who the Witch of Flame just called master, was Acemans, who is now the principal of Imperial Royal College.  He is the head of the Empire Wizard.

“I’m still alive, doesn’t it mean the Ice Dragon is dead?”  Kerr thought.  

Kerr pinched her soft cheek to make sure that she was not dreaming.

“Yes, the perceived magic had no trace of Ice Dragon’s life.” Mr. Acemans replied calmly.

“That’s good…” Kerr was relieved with a grin on her face.

“Kerr, you just said you have to stop someone.  Who is that?”  Master Asemans’ tone became serious.  Tension in the room increased as he questioned.

“Of course, I meant the Ice Dragon.  If we didn’t stop the Ice Dragon, I am afraid that our empire would be in a horrible disaster.” Kerr replied innocently.

Kerr looked at Acemans with her wild open sapphire eyes. Although Acemans did not perform the magic of reading, with his super age and experience, he could tell Kerr was not lying by the way she spoke.

Acemans did not say a word but silently stared at Kerr who looked confused. Noticing Master Acemans was concerned about something, but Kerr didn’t dare to question without permission.

“Do you know how the Ice Dragon died?” Acemans paused for a long while then asked.

Kerr was stunned and confused.

Because she did know how to tell Master Asemans, and she did not know exactly what happened. It was impossible for a person released magic with only one hand, and easily defeated the powerful Ice Dragon. She was still thinking that was her illusions before she fell unconscious.

“Don’t worry about it if you don’t know.  After all, you had lost consciousness when you were found. I have something to show you.” Acemans pulled out a small glass bottle from his pocket, which contained a red-purple flame. The color of the flame is exactly the same as the flame in the last memory that Kerr remembered.

“What is this?”  Kerr nervously asked.

Kerr was in shock, staring at the burning flame in the bottle.  If the flame existed and still alive, it meant what she remembered was real.  The man who killed the Ice Dragon with one hand in seconds is real.  

“This is the ‘Hell Fire’, the flame that human beings could never manipulate.” Acemans slowly explained, and Kerr’s jaw dropped.

“A flame that man will never be able to manipulate? Is it…” Kerr asked.

“Yes, it’s dark magic of the apostles. Although I don’t think the apostles will come to the world in person, there must be something we don’t know about it.  It is also possible that the Ice Dragon was released by the apostles.”  Acemans continued.

Kerr listened and clenched her fist silently.

“Apostles”, a terrible name to mankind.  No matter which one of the twelve apostles is now mixing in our society, it would be a threat to humans.  However, Kerr was not afraid when she heard about the Apostles.  Kerr always had such a seemingly impossible goal, to wipe out the twelve apostles who were threats to humanity.

“Well, I won’t bother you.  Get some rest.  I thought that I would get any useful information from you, but it didn’t seem to be promising.” Acemans put the bottle with Hell Fire in the pocket, then stood up and walked slowly out the door.

“That’s right! There’s one more thing to tell you.”  Acemans suddenly stopped as he walked to the door, then turned around and looked at Kerr who was still in a state of shock.

“The killing of the Ice Dragon was all because of you.  After all, everything related to the apostles could cause a lot of unnecessary panic. So Just take those compliments well.” After saying that to Kerr, Asemans left the room with a smile, while Kerr were still sitting there in shock.


goga · September 19, 2020 at 5:52 pm

so red head wants to dispose the twelve apostles cause those twelve are so strong that they endanger or is a threat to humanity haha 😂😂 in other words her dream is a path to suicide.. Cause if she has the power to kill them that means she’s more powerful than them then who’s to say that she’s not gonna be a threat to humanity after acquiring that power and who’s to say that after all the twelve and her are gone (if she’s gonna kill herself or gonna be killed by others through betrayal) that the second most powerful (whether it’s a person, a group or a country) after them which will replace them as the most powerful one will not be a threat to humanity 😂 😂

Grumpy · September 25, 2020 at 7:59 am

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