Infinite Apostle and Twelve War Maidens Chapter 1

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Chapter 1 – The magic beast that froze the sky and earth

TR/PR Mythra

“Apostle” is the general term for twelve creatures beyond the scope of common sense in this world. Each “Apostle” carries extreme and unimaginative power. In legend, the “Apostles” can even change everything surrounding them with their power. Therefore, the existence of the Apostles is a dangerous threat to human beings.
Among the twelve Apostles, the most powerful one is known as the “Infinite” Yorman. However, one morning, when Yorman’s sister Nogers walked into his bedroom and found that Yorman was gone and left a note behind. No one knows where he had gone to.
“Fuck being an Apostle! I’m not doing it anymore! I am going to find myself a young lady as my wife!” (TL – weird line by author.)
Time passed quickly into the golden autumn. A legendary Scourge-level Warcraft appeared on the snowfield north of the empire. This so-called Scourge-class Warcraft was known as “Ice Dragon”. It is the most dangerous category in the existing World of Warcraft. Wherever it passes, all the creatures are charcoal and devastated.

Although this World of Warcraft was still far away from the city, before it would get closer, the Empire sent troops to encircle this thousand-year-old natural disaster-level Warcraft, “Ice Dragon.” These troops were led by Kerr Charlotte, named Witch of Flames, an imperial ace magician who had once reversed the entire battle situation on the battlefield by herself, be part of the troop.
On the snowfield, soldiers were nervously standing by on the spot, waiting for the moment to attack the Ice Dragon, sweating in the palm of their hand. However, among the soldiers, there was an average height man standing on the snow alone. And from time to time under his army-made helmet, there was a burst of strange and obscene laughter. Although no one might believe it, this person is the strongest Apostle, Yorman.
“Hey, hey, I really want to rub that pair of fruitful breasts of Miss Kanban in the association ” Yorman dream about his dating life while everyone around was sweating nervously. Yorman made a weird laughter while wiping off his drool. Fortunately, the helmet blocked his face. No one could see his weird expression, otherwise he might be dragged out the battle scene.
But why on earth is the strongest Apostle mixed into the army of the human empire? He was doing that for money.
Regardless of how powerful a man would be, no girls would marry him if he does not have money these days. It is costly to date a girl. Simply taking a girl to dinners or getting them gifts, it would cost a lot of gold coins. It would easily an ordinary person a month of salary.
Yorman left home for some time, and the gold coins that he had not much gold left to spend.
When he was worried about his financial being at the time, he saw the army recruitment notice posted by the empire. The purpose of this conscription is to hunt the Ice Dragon that appeared in the snowfield. Because the federal army forces could not arrive at the snow file in time, so the government had to start temporary recruitment locally. Due to the urgency, all citizens could be recruited as long as an applicant could pass the medical exam. The initial base pay was not much, but later due to lack of manpower, the pay has risen to 3,000 gold per person, plus the opportunity to transfer to elite troops in the army.
“I cannot imagine how a stupid dragon would worth that much to mankind! ~~ Wait until I got the gold, I would go and ask Miss Kanban out. Who knows! She may, hee hee hee…” Yorman continued dreaming.
While Yorman was still wondering in his fantasy land of dating, the snowy white ground suddenly turned into a battleground and covered with fire. A huge fireball was shot toward Ice Dragon. The flames from the fireball were so hot that melted the icy ground, and the sky was dyed red.
As the fireball flying to the Ice Dragon, Kerr Charlotte ordered the army for a full attack.
For a few seconds, everyone in the troops was stunned by the sudden powerful loud attack from the fireball, and Kerr’s command woke up the whole troop. Everyone pulled out their weapon, ran forward to the Ice Dragon.
As they were hoping to have an uninterrupted attack on the injured Ice Dragon at the moment the fire hit the dragon, the fireball turned the sky in red dye, but it suddenly turned into a burst of white smoke and dissipated into the air as soon as it reached the Ice Dragon.
This is impossible!
The leading soldiers immediately froze when they saw the deadliest explosion “Lava Bomb” fireball was dissipated as soon as it touched the Ice Dragon. The newly recruited soldiers were inexperienced and turned panic seeing the scene in front of them.
The Lava Bomb awoke the Ice Dragon, and it had no compassion. The Ice Dragon immediately blew out cold air, and that was enough to freeze the earth. Suddenly, the originally calm snowfield rolled up the stormy snow. Before the panicking soldiers could realize, countless of them near the Ice Dragon was frozen into ice blocks immediately. Ice Dragon swept its tail across the land and crushed all ice blocks to the ground.
Fighting against such power of Scourge-level Warcraft, soldiers realized that the Ice Dragon was undefeatable!
It’s impossible to win! Even the Witch of Flames would not be able to beat the legendary Ice Dragon! Run quickly!
Facing an opponent with such a huge power gap, the surviving soldiers dropped their weapons without hesitation and ran backward.
Seeing her troops falling and escaping, Kerr, the Witch of Flames, courageously stayed at the front line and fought desperately with the Ice Dragon on the front line.
From afar, under the bright red sky, Kerr’s petite figure looked so tiny contrasted with the mountain like creature. Despite the difference, surprisingly, Kerr did not lose her momentum in the fight. Her flame-like long red hair was set against the magic power as if to burn out the heavens and the earth, and the heroic radiance between her eyebrows was like the legendary Valkyrie.
“The fire that burns heaven and earth, please turn into a sword in my hand! Red Flame Sword!” Kerr sang.
As Kerr sang, the blazing red light once again stained the entire white snowfield, and a giant sword burning with fierce fire immediately split towards the head of the Ice Dragon. However, the Ice Dragon, which is composed of countless ices, took all the power of this sword without any damage. On the contrary, this magic sword with burning fire gradually turned into white smoke and evaporated into the air.
As the Ice Dragon blowing into the air again, countless sweat beads frozen and covered Kerr’s white cheeks. Her fiery red like flames long hair was gradually covered with white frost.
The power gap in power between Kerr and the Ice Dragon was just too huge, even if Kerr’s super-level magic of “Sword of Red Flame” caused no harm to the Ice Dragon in front of him.
Kerr remained calm and thought, “I will keep distracted the Ice Dragon and keep it occupied, so the rest of the surviving soldiers can escape. They run back and notify the people in the city and they can evacuate quickly.”
Kerr shouted to her army: “Everyone listen, retreat immediately! ! ! I will cover you.”
However, no one could hear her. Kerr’s voice was covered by the whistling wind and the cry of the Ice Dragon.
Quickly, the army of five thousand people was mostly frozen into ice, and the few remaining soldiers escaped in fear.
Seeing the running away soldiers, Kerr shouted, “How could you! Okay, if that is the case, then I will buy you more time. . . “
Kerr closed her eyes and gathered all the magic power on her body. Kerr’s body started to burn, and the temperature of her own body gradually increased. She continued gathering unconventional attribute magic to detonate all around her tiny body, hoping that she could create an explosion to either kill the Ice Dragon or at least hold it off for a while. In this way, she could buy some time for the citizens to evacuate.
Knowing this magic is so dangerous that even Kerr herself would be blown into pieces, Kerr hesitated and paused for a second even if she had made up her mind to fight to the end. She felt a bit sad because she still had unfinished wishes.
“Well, you look pretty cute, why are choosing to kill yourself?!” Just as Kerr was building her explosion magic, an impossible playful voice came into Kerr. Kerr opened her eyes in a panic and saw a man in the armor of the imperial army standing between her and the Ice Dragon.
“Why are there still people here?” Kerr was in shock.
Kerr looked at the young man in front of her and asked coldly, “I have fought to get your time to escape, why didn’t you go?”
“Oh ~ I was just here to earn three thousand gold coins then find a beautiful date for myself. While I was standing there and could not decide who I could get a date with, I realized that the people around me were disappeared. ” the young man replied.
“Are you an idiot! At this time, shouldn’t we think about how to survive? !” Kerr shouted after she heard the man’s frivolous words. The magic that she finally gathered was dispersed as she shouted.
As Kerr’s magic dissipated, the Ice Dragon suddenly spit out cold air to freeze the flame built by Kerr. Consumed by magic building, Kerr began losing her consciousness. Helpless, she could only close her eyes and waited for the moment of death in the darkness. Yet, nothing happened!
When Kerr reluctantly opened her sapphire eyes again, something that was absolutely impossible in human cognition happened in front of her.
That idiot who was just bragged about his dating wishes was effortlessly pressing the upper jaw of the fierce Ice Dragon with one hand, and the huge Ice Dragon was just struggling on the ground with his mouth. The chills seemed to be swallowed back into his belly by the Ice Dragon.
“Is this a dream?” Kerry thought.
Kerr looked at the Ice Dragon who was struggling desperately in the hand of the men and could not tell whether it was a reality or a dream, thinking, “my most powerful super-class magic did not defeat the dragon. The army of 5,000 people was easily destroyed by the dragon, and I clearly planned to use my life as a bet to delay time. . .but, why? why?”
“Why could this man hold this Scourge-level Warcraft with just one hand. Why is such a powerful ice dragon just like a lizard being played by this man between applause!” Kerr couldn’t stop asking.
While Kerr was wondering, the young continued pressing the Ice Dragon’s head on the ground. “I saved your life, why not consider dating me at your own expense?” The man teased, continued pressing the constantly struggling Ice Dragon, and smilingly looked back at Kerr who was almost unconscious.

“Why is this person full of these things. . . . .” Kerr thought.
Losing her physical strength, she finally fell on the thick snow. The last memory that stayed in her mind was that this man suddenly produced an extraordinarily complex red magic array on his hand on the head of the Ice Dragon. That magic array is a category that Kerr has never seen, and its complexity is even more than one grade higher than any advanced magic. There were characters shown with the red magic array that was never seen by Kerr before.
While she was passing out, she saw that a red-purple flame spewed out of the magic circle, covering the whole body of the Ice Dragon in less than a second. The Ice Dragon, who could have frozen the flames, struggling in this red and purple flame. Ice Dragon’s body, which couldn’t even split by Kerr’s Sword of Red Flame, was slowly melting in this young man’s magical flame. Then just a blink of an eye, Ice Dragon has been burned, leaving only a crystal with a cold light.


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